BLADE 15 RTX 30 SERIES | Still the Best Gaming Laptop

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

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  1. S1ndrome

    S1ndrome Well-Known Member

    What a beast! Man, Can't even get a 3080 for my PC! Seems Pre-builds and laptops are the way to go?
  2. I think so?
  3. D71NN

    D71NN New Member

    hope i can win this laptop someday in any razer events :)
  4. Reaper-IWP

    Reaper-IWP Member

    So, I have had my system for about a month along with getting the Tartarus Pro with it. I paid the 10 bucks for 3-5 business days, and almost cried when I saw it was being held by customs on day 2, & after signing up for shipping updates they said should arrive on day 5 or 6. Due to excitement, this was a very sad moment. However, It arrived on day 4 I got a notification and barely an hour and a half later the knock at my door came.
    So, I had planned to make an open box video for it, but my daughter had my action camera, putting me in a position where I couldn't resist.
    So, first, it was awesome from the first time I picked it up all the way to playing my first games. It reminds me of a stealth bomber just a slick clean design, but the solid metal framing made it feel like a tank. The extra weight may both some but it wasn't much of a difference from my Surface Pro 7 to me. The design and metal shell, combined with that little extra weight were almost like a mental connection to the power that was inside.

    Gaming wise- I installed a decent variety of games, and from a range of sources: Starcraft 2 from Blizzard, Counter-Strike & Destiny 2 from Steam, Guild Wars 2 from ArenaNet, Mechwarrior 5 from Xbox game pass ultimate, and also my DJ DAW software and audio production software, and began the experience. Now I choose to Run Cortex whenever gaming so I can boost my system and get FPS reports. Every game I played even when also running Spotify or Apple music +Discord in the background gave me an average FPS low of 58 & high in the 90's usually with max graphics and textures I was still maintaining around 76 FPS in every game. So, solid home run in that front.
    Now one thing I started noticing right away was how different in-game loading took place. In every game, I have played or program I have run, I am not prepared for how fast your back to gameplay. I mean I go to take a drink and I end up in a position where I only just got the cap off and was about to drink. It's amazing and has made me better and planning my timing better. For something that has made things inconvenient at times, it's definitely something I am impressed and happy to have.
    After getting it I did search for the parts to max out the specs (2 TB SSD + 64 GB RAM) & was surprised by the options available and how even the higher quality options were really not bad for what your getting. Unlike some manufacturers that soldered in the Ram that came with the device and had the other open slot. Razer has made everything easy and accessible to upgrade without issues. The GPU can be upgraded later with the CORE eGPU and desktop external graphics card later as well, but by the time I need to do that I am guessing that Razer will have made a new CORE that is even more functional at improving system performance.
    After dropping nearly $3k on the system and Tartarus Pro, with the Razer Care plan too, I can say with 100% confidence, I haven't even slightly felt buyers remorse or regretted getting it. It's without a doubt one of the best things I have bought, and now I am just looking forward to getting the Razer Kiyo and Seiren to start streaming and getting a new gaming desk and chair. If I could drop another $500 on the Razer Gaming chair I would without a doubt, but those funds will be used for new gaming content, getting another SSD, the Chroma Laptop Dock for my new blade, and streaming gear. So it will have to wait.
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  5. Anyone gotten a shipping notice? Initial Pre-orders are supposed to ship today.
  6. RobinFear

    RobinFear Member

    I did receive the shipping notice today BUT sadly i think i ordered the wrong Blade 15 configuration. :slightly_sad:
  7. Did you order the 3080 Advanced version? That's the one I was referring to. I have a feeling Razer isn't going to hit their release target.
  8. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest Member

    Mine just slipped 2 weeks. 15 advanced QHD 3080.
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  9. That's my config as well but order page still shows 3/3. I bet mine will get delayed though.
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  10. RobinFear

    RobinFear Member

    I wish, it’s the 3070 QHD base edition while I was wanting the advanced edition.

    Shipping shows delivery for 03/05! Can’t wait to reject the shipment and order the right one when they have stock :slightly_sad:
  11. A word of caution. Be VERY careful rejecting shipments. I did that with my previous Blade because Best Buy had gotten it in stock first. The problem is that FedEx tracking doesn't reflect this properly. When the rejected package got back to Razer it showed as "delivered" to my address. Consequently Razer support was unwilling to issue a refund - even though THEY had the laptop.

    I ended up having to call FedEx and get the exact address where they returned it then by pure luck was able to track that address to Razer's return processing company. Further research finally turned up a local phone number and a very nice lady there stepped in to notify Razer that the laptop had indeed been returned. Had I not been able to reach this lady Razer would never have refunded my money.

    So I recommend you accept the shipment then pay to ship it back and use both signature and delivery confirmation. Protect yourself!
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  12. RobinFear

    RobinFear Member

    Sir, you are a Gentleman! I shall follow your instructions and ship it back to them using signature and delivery confirmation. Oh boy, that really was a wild chase I'm glad you got it resolved!
  13. ReeceP22345

    ReeceP22345 New Member

    I ordered my 3080 QHD back in Jan, which originally said would ship on the 03/03. It now updated on their store to show the 19/03, though I haven’t received shipping info and my order still just says “submitted”.

    Has anyone confirmed if there is a delay? When I emailed support a couple of weeks ago to ask if my order was on time they referred me to the store page for the information around shipping date. I’m excited and being patient! But also would just like to know what’s going on ☺️
  14. fliwatuet

    fliwatuet New Member

    Same here. I would be also interested why we have to wait another 3 weeks.
  15. Hi bro
  16. ReeceP22345

    ReeceP22345 New Member

    No updates at all?
  17. I opened a support ticket but so far nothing. My order still says ships March 3
  18. fliwatuet

    fliwatuet New Member

    I have also opened a ticket already mid of last week. I believe, Razer has discovered a severe last minute issue with the notebook. This may explain the "no information" politics. Only response I get, when asking for an update is:
    This is with regards to your order status inquiry. Please be advised that your order is now being processed and is ready. Just give us 2-3 business days for email updates for the tracking details.
  19. That's more than I am getting. They keep telling me they're checking with their "internal team" but not really giving me any info or update.
  20. Has anyone received an actual update from support on why the 3080 Blades aren't shipping?
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