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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. mash86

    mash86 New Member

    I keep getting an Optimus error message saying iCloud.exe has stopped it switching - although clearly it has as the game FPS is quite high even though Nvidia control panel shows iGPU.
  2. devinus

    devinus New Member

    Mine is locked at 60hz plugged in on my 3080 QHD. It doesn’t show the 240hz option. I’m not sure why, I just got the laptop today and haven’t messed with any settings or installed any drivers at all.
  3. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest Member

    First go to the NVIDIA control panel and switch display mode to the discrete graphics. Then go to the advanced display settings under windows settings, select the gsync panel, then select 240hz.
  4. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest Member

    It appears a bug exists wherein whenever you switch away from the dGPU and then switch back (either manually or via Optimus), the refresh rate of the panel is reset to 60Hz even if you had it set at 240Hz previously. Refresh rate control is in multiple places (windows advanced display settings, the Razer Synapse tool, ?) so not sure where the bug is but hopefully they will be fixing this issue.

    Also, I can't seem to really get whisper mode to work. It is enabled in Ge Force Experience if the laptop is in Balanced mode. But I would not describe the fans as making a "whisper" level of noise when all available settings are set to the lowest fan speed.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2021
  5. devinus

    devinus New Member

    I can confirm this works to get the 240hz refresh rate, however I find it hard to believe this is the intended way to deal with this issue? For one, why wouldn't the QHD laptop come configured with a 240hz refresh rate and G-SYNC enabled by default as was advertised? I'm also assuming this forgoes the automatic iGPU/dGPU display adapter switching for improved battery life? Either Advanced Optimus, G-SYNC, or the 240Hz refresh rate do not all work together in harmony right now in any possible configuration or I'm just missing something.

    There are currently eight different places that deal with the refresh rate or automatic GPU switching, which makes solving this problem very non-trivial. The BIOS, the display adapter properties in the Control Panel, the Windows 10 "Advanced display settings" and new "Graphics settings" page, the Intel Graphics Command Center "Display" page, the "Manage 3D settings" and "Manage Display mode" task in NVIDIA Control Panel, and finally the "PERFORMANCE" tab in Razer Synapse -- all have poorly documented, potentially subtly different affects.

    The confusion is compounded when you consider the blameless assumption that maybe it's the result of some overaggressive default power-saving settings. Mind you, power settings have just as many disorganized setting management locations littered throughout a default installation.

    I just want to appreciate the "240Hz Ultra-Fast Refresh Rate" OEM sticker that's so proudly affixed on the lid. :weary:
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  6. webmich

    webmich New Member

    Still waiting on my Amazon preorder here in germany.

    So 240hz is only working when using dGPU only? Kinda sad that this is not working automatically with advanced optimus...

    But Gsync then (dGPU only) is working fine, is it? Downside until this is eventually getting fixed ist poor battery while not plugged in, correct?

    Workaround is to enable/disable dGPU only mode when starting a game, correct? Downside here is 60hz while browsing the web etc.

    Hope this will get fixed soon!
  7. mash86

    mash86 New Member

    240hz can only work in dGPU mode, this isn’t a bug. Intel iGPU can at best handle 144hz. Currently on Optimus it is set to 60hz, not sure if they could implement 144hz as an option or if advanced Optimus has some limitation resulting in 60hz option only.

    It is possible we will always have 60hz on Optimus mode, with no option for 144hz (definitely won’t get 240hz).
  8. webmich

    webmich New Member

    I personally see no reason why the igpu shouldn’t be able to handle 1440/240.

    I would be happy to have Aoptimus working with 120hz, therefor not having to manually switch between 240hz/dgpu and 60/igpu. This way we could enjoy browsing web etc with more then 60hz, have good battery and still able so use gsync with automatic dGPU for gaming. This is at least what I would have expected from Aoptimus.

    Switching manually with the tradeoff in having poor battery or only 60hz desktop isn’t what advanced optimus should be, in my eyes.

    I may be could life with 60hz desktop for good battery, but having to manually switch to 240hz every time I want to start a game is ridiculous.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2021
  9. devinus

    devinus New Member

    Correct. I've tested using a handful of games I'd expect to be whitelisted by NVIDIA (e.g. AC Odyssey), but it doesn't seem like there's anything "advanced" or "optimal" going on at all yet really as the refresh rate is still always locked to 60Hz.
  10. mash86

    mash86 New Member

    Optimus is just generally buggy even on non g-sync laptops. The best way to look at advanced Optimus is you aren’t having to restart the machine, which is something all g-sync enabled laptops had to do via a mux switch to switch beteeen iGPU and dGPU, guess we just have to be happy with that.
  11. webmich

    webmich New Member

    Do not own a Gen1 Optimus right now, but is it the same with Gen1? On Desktop with 60hz not switching to higher refresh automatically by Optimus automatically switching to dGPU?

    Let me ask that differently, doesn’t optimus „Gen1“ switch its refreshrate by automatically switching to dGPU?

    Not have to reboot everytime you switch manually is a big improvement, but I think we are not fully there yet.

    For me I guess I will stick to dGPU only always, since higher refresh is nice even when browsing the web plus manually switching every time kinda sucks. Will use the laptop at home only anyways so battery life isn’t a big deal.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2021
  12. mash86

    mash86 New Member

    I had an Optimus Razer blade (without G-Sync) where I could have it at 144hz while on iGPU before. I don’t know if the inclusion of G-Sync or the 240hz panel means this is no longer possible or Razer just didn’t want to add the option? Might be a Windows/Intel thing too, until we see another advanced Optimus laptop doing it, we may never know.
  13. webmich

    webmich New Member

    Ah, thanks for that info. Had 2 of the RB17Pros a while ago, but couldn’t remember how it was handled there.

    Since it was achieved there, I hope they (Intel and Nvidia I guess, not razer themselfs) are working on bringing it back to their „advanced“ optimus again. Really would be a shame.

    And as I sayed before, I would rather go 120hz igpu and dgpu instead of 60hz igpu and having to switch to 240hz dgpu manually. On 1440 more then 120 is unlikely anyways.

    Maybe the community finds a way to „hack“ this 60hz bullshit limit on igpu too. I don’t think this problem is a hardware based problem.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2021
  14. mash86

    mash86 New Member

    I am not having to manually change to 240hz, the 240hz to 60hz happens when either

    a) You put it on automatic mode and it switched based on application
    b) You use the Nvidia app to switch between Optimus/Nvidia

    There is no two step process for me where I have to both change it to Nvidia and also change the refresh rate manually. Once you set refresh rate of 240hz for dGPU it remembers it.

    The only thing missing is that you can’t change the refresh rate on iGPU from 60hz to something else.
  15. webmich

    webmich New Member

    Thanks for that info again. Don’t got my QHD Blade yet, so I can’t test it myself. May be I got something wrong here. This is kinda good news (for me ;)). And again, since it was possible on the old optimus, it should work on the more advanced version too, even when it now has 1440.

    I can Image by may be changing the driver information on the „igpu display“ (there are 2 displays as we learned) from „it is able to do 60“ to for example „it can do 120“ and things are fine.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2021
  16. webmich

    webmich New Member

    Did someone tried undervolting yet, is it possible?
  17. fliwatuet

    fliwatuet New Member

    Got my Razor Blade RTX 3080 QHD this week. Compared to my other monitors the white color of screen is quite redish. Did someone realize this also?
  18. ReeceP22345

    ReeceP22345 New Member

    Shipped!! Yay finally :D
  19. Dyspareunia

    Dyspareunia New Member

    For the Razer Blade 15 Advanced RTX 3080, what are the maximum denomination of memory and SSD storage space that can be installed? Default memory is 32GB dual-channel DDR4-2933MHz (16GB x 2) and default storage space is 1TB SSD (M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4) and was wondering what the top end maximums were for this model.
  20. steang

    steang New Member

    as far as i know,

    RAM will be a maximum of 64GB. (2x32GB sticks of DDR4 @ 2933mhz)

    SSD wise, the system do come with an empty M.2. i added another 1 TB to my system on that. no idea on the MAXIMUM.
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