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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Dekades, Jul 14, 2021.

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  1. DedSec111

    DedSec111 New Member

    Hhhhh atejagh est 6 fois plus grosse et toi
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  2. Gabyyu

    Gabyyu New Member

    Só poderia ser mais acessível
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  3. navinmadhavn17

    navinmadhavn17 New Member

    oh i see now
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  4. webmich

    webmich Member

    Got a Blade Pro 17 QHD 3070 Mid 2021 (11800h). Currently running on BIOS 1.03 and undervolting via software (throttlestop or XTU) ist working fine.

    I am kinda scared updating to 1.04 which is available here (

    Does anyone have updated to 1.04 and can confirm undervolting is still unlocked?
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  5. Speedh

    Speedh New Member

    Will razerblade 17 be available in the QHD 3080, 32GB ram configuration? Currently QHD is only available with 3070 GPU.
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  6. yorpo426

    yorpo426 New Member

    buen video
  7. tmsnnz88

    tmsnnz88 New Member

    Question about the new (late 2021) Blade 17's 4K 120Hz display. I can't find NITS rating for it anywhere. Does anyone know?
    Thank you.
  8. webmich

    webmich Member

    Is it normal for the 11800h to show 800mhz for ram in CPU-Z when it is set to 3200Mhz in BIOS?

    I mean, for double data it should show half of what the ram actually is running at, but with the 11800h is shows only 1/4 of the effective clock speed.

    Is this the same for all of you with 11800h?
  9. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    Use HWinfo, saw a thread before having this issue as well with CPU-Z
  10. webmich

    webmich Member

    it only is a bug in cpuz i guess, i wanted to know if its the same for you or others or if it is just my machine
  11. webmich

    webmich Member

    I am looking for a new set of screws for the heatpipe, the ones with the spring, anyone know where one can get theres typ of screws?
  12. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    Got mine from Ebay (For my Blade Pro 2020 with the Vapor Chamber cooling), They have the same spring screw as some GPUs. Took the screw and transferred the spring from the old one (damaged the originals due to subpar quality screwdriver). Good as new and I have a lot of spare ready :D

    Size is M2 x 6.8mm
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  13. webmich

    webmich Member

    Ordered a set, thank you very much.

    Wasn’t it hard to get the springs from the original ones detached? Already briefly tired to took them off, but as far I can remember, they are attached very solid with the screw.

    Also, how did they fit in/in the heatsink? With the springs from the original screws, I guess the pressure which holds down the heatsink/vapor chamber is the same and therefore the temps are the same as well.
  14. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    Removing the spring from the original screws is not that hard. A tweezer will definitely help. Technically the springs are the ones pushing the vapor chamber to the GPU and CPU dies. The replacement one's go a little deeper than the original providing a little more pressure, which on my case improved the contact of the CPU with the Heatsink.
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