Blade 2016 Preorder Shipment Delay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xstefanx, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. nexushitTangelo187

    nexushitTangelo187 New Member

    That's my worry. I'm concerned the 960 might not be enough power for things like motion graphics, video editing and animation.
  2. Weemmou

    Weemmou New Member

    If you're looking for a good work/productivity laptop that's also ultra-light and portable, the three options I see are an XPS 13/15 (has a 960m), HP Spectre (thinnest/lightest but no dedicated GPU), and a MacBook Pro.

    With Polaris / Pascal literally right around the corner and rumors of the new MacBook Pro announcement in a few weeks... I'll probably wait a few weeks before making a decision.

    I was really hoping for the Blade because it's a great mix of gaming performance, portability, and has a nice keyboard but at this point I'm just put-off by Razer's approach. I've heard many horror stories before and the product delays are starting to become a trend for them.

    I'd be willing to bet they knew it was at least going to be delayed a few weeks when they announced it and I wouldn't be surprised if they planned for it to launch this late from the get-go.

    I feel like a fool for trusting Razer and waiting this long when the writing was on the wall from the very beginning.

    EDIT: The more I think about it, the more I'm considering just buying an XPS 15, the screen is pretty much the best available but they keyboard and GPU are pretty weak. It has thunderbolt/usbc though so there's still the possibility of an external GPU in the near future.
  3. The XPS15 is attractive, especially the option for a larger SSD but I really want the 970. Mine is going to be a primarily gaming machine, I recently had a baby and want to be able to play my PC games away from my office.
  4. JoshKlautzsch_no_id

    JoshKlautzsch_no_id Active Member

    Can someone link a good place to buy the xps?
  5. Tiny_Dinosaur

    Tiny_Dinosaur Member

    There are tons of great place to look for xps. Directly from Dell. Microsoft store if you are a student. Best Buy. Etc.
  6. JoshKlautzsch_no_id

    JoshKlautzsch_no_id Active Member

    okay thank you!
  7. If we don't hear something to properly explain and apologize for these delays in the next few hours, I'm cancelling my order as well.
  8. Weemmou

    Weemmou New Member

    Yeah if gaming is your #1 priority at the moment for a laptop, then you might be better off skipping the XPS. If it doesn't have to be ultraportable, there are tons of great options for gaming laptops.

    I'd start with Sager/Clevo custom-made laptops; they tend to offer a great price for what you get but it'll be pretty bulky/heavy. If you want something more portable, you could try a MSI laptop.
  9. Tiny_Dinosaur

    Tiny_Dinosaur Member

    You are welcome. Also FYI the ram is upgradable. So chose wisely. Lol
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  10. Weemmou

    Weemmou New Member

    Asus Zenbooks are another good option as well. Similar to the XPS 15.
  11. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Wow, we're on opposite sides there. I've dealt with Razer on 4 occasions now and Dell on at least 10. (Btw, I'm not a huge complainer, I just handle dozens upon dozens of computers a year). Anyways, I've never had any issues with Dell's customer service. Sure, they have some defect issues but frankly so does Razer and every other manufacturer.

    For me, in each instance, Dell did what I required of them and in some cases they went far above and beyond. For example, I bought a refurb AW 17 r3 980m a few months back for around $1100(killer deal). It had issues with the lid lighting up and there was a crazy fan noise. I called CS and they had a new unit sent out to me the next day. And this one had a free SSD upgrade. They also actually negotiate prices if you call them - it's nuts.

    Razer customer service, on the other hand, has been the bare minimum or worse than what I would expect. A couple years ago I tried to cancel an order and it was painful. Splitting an order is impossible. Changing payment methods or shipping speeds are also impossible. All order inquiries are 100% through email now. All tech support issues can be handled through their line but they'll further communicate with you through email and in a slow manner(1 message a day from what I saw). Most responses are canned and uninformative. There's really nothing they can actually help you with really.

    Of course there are other pros and cons of Dell vs Razer, which I won't go into, but as far as customer service goes, I would 100% choose Dell over Razer.
  12. akapterian

    akapterian Member

    Where do you live. I'm having no luck in the Philly region.

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  13. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Don't do it man... Trust me, the level of build quality is night and day. It's hard to believe both are manufactured from the same company.
  14. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Order, then call customer service and say you want a better price. Try to find a machine with similar specs that's cheaper and they will attempt to price match. Works every time for me. Usually $50-150 off. They get credit for the sale so they are eager to help you with this. The hardest part is dealing with the language barrier and some odd attempts at humor.
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  15. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    For those wanting the XPS 15 and want to be super cheap, wait for the next 30% off refurb sale on Slickdeals. They have them about once a month this time of year. That combined with 12% cash back on ebates, I was able to get a XPS 15 i5 Skylake with 256GB SSD for $1k after tax.
  16. akapterian

    akapterian Member

    What's the retail on that setup?

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  17. You're out of luck! Razer released a formal statement regarding the first delay that they are rolling out a new update from Intel days after they'd announce the delay.. Might as well cancel it now, I'm cancelling mine.

    ~Min liang tan's reason before was an intel update and now the customer service are telling us that it is a manufacturing / shipping issue. LOL, Razer's cs didn't even have a proper training aligning their chain of reasons together.

    Kinda hard finding a company that can get their shit straight.
  18. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    Your payment method is not Razer's fault. Yes the delay sucks, but lets not play the "Rip Razer every chance we get" game. It's not Razer's responsibility to give you a "Pay as you Go with no interest" option.
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  19. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    $1799. It was the 4k touch model with the extended battery
  20. JoshKlautzsch_no_id

    JoshKlautzsch_no_id Active Member

    what kind of discounts do I get for being a student? I'm looking into buying the xps 15 from the microsoft store
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