Blade 2016 Preorder Shipment Delay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xstefanx, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. webOldLacesolo800

    webOldLacesolo800 New Member

    Were those long delays announced a mere week before the original ship date?
  2. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    It's a rebranded GS60. Great keyboard, lousy Trackpad, 4k screen might have mustard yellows. Other than that, it's probably nice machine. Build quality isn't as solid as the xps 15 or razer blade though.
  3. NomadRT

    NomadRT Active Member

    I am super pissed that I didn't preorder so I could be pissed with the rest of the pissed people in this Preorder Delay Pissed thread.

    Now if you will excuse me I'm going to drive home from work, pour me a glass of Patron, and get pissed.
  4. Delays are fine as long as there's sensible reason behind it. But delays without explanation and is perfectly timed before the actual shipment date is really annoying. Not all people are chill as you are. Yes, it is a preorder. But when you receive an official email that states that they will start shipping on a specific date. People honor that email and expect razer should at least ship to those who preorder at day 0. "Starts shipping" means that they will be shipping that day and people who order at day 0 expects to get the first batch of shipment.

    ~I truly admire the positive attitude you have. Something tells me that you might have read the book "The Secret"...probably mastered it too.
  5. Innominate817

    Innominate817 New Member

    I thought that Dell has released updates to fix the touchpad issues. Is that incorrect? Regarding the 960m, do you think it can handle last year's titles and what has been released so far this year (1080p with mid to high settings)? As long as it can hold out until a compatible egpu enclosure comes out (hopefully later this year if it doesn't work with the core) I think it would be enough for me.
  6. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    It happens. Companies try to meet those dates and don't issue a delay until it is absolutely certain that they won't make it, then they have to have meetings to estimate a new date, etc. Companies are complex entities and things need to go through a lot of channels before information gets passed to the consumer. Start your own business, run it successfully for a year, and then you will start to understand the things that the decision makers have to consider before deciding to pass info to the consumer, because consumers have wild imaginations and unrealistic expectations. It is better to let an angry mob vent in frustration, than to add fuel to the fire. This is because the truth is, unless you tell that angry mob what they want to hear (in this case, that your laptop is on its way), they will do nothing but rip your statement apart at every turn, leaving you wondering why you said anything at all. Try a little empathy, and put yourself in their shoes, realistically. If you do this honestly and logically, you will realize that there are a ton of factors you have no clue about and everything a CEO has to consider is ridiculous. When you have this many factors to consider (especially considering the complexity of a laptop), things are going to catch you off guard and unexpected issues will always rise up...Im just glad I am ordering from a company who takes every single issue as seriously as Razer does. Do you want them to just pass the laptop so that you encounter problems yourself? Or maybe there is an issue that will cause performance issues, even thought most consumers would never notice it...Many companies would say, go ahead and pass it through. I want the company to catch all the things I would never catch, even if it means waiting longer. I want my $2300 purchase to equate to a perfect experience, and yes, I am willing to wait for such quality. Now, the question everyone needs to ask themselves is, 'are you willing to wait for perfection?' If your answer is no, then cancel ur order and get something that is out already and is subpar to Razer quality. Either way, there shouldn't be people bickering about the wait too much. Sure, express your disappointment, but calling out Razer just shows your ignorance and any intelligent person will read those comments with an eye-roll. Unfortunately, I am dumb enough to try to explain the logic to you, even though I know it will do no good for most people...They will just skip over this and complain in the next post.
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  7. Adding an eGPU to the XPS 15 could probably only make things better, sure. (As well as just using a mouse and separate keyboard, too.) But I guess I want something that can perform better on it's own for a while yet before I go and drop more $$$ on graphics. Plus I feel like it's a bit of a roll of the dice as to whether or not Dell will make it compatible with the Core. (Of course, the Core has to actually stop getting delayed too!)
  8. Don't forget to factor in pascal / polaris cards might have a different interface that the core accepts. Otherwise you're going to be stuck with the current lineup.
  9. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Yes. With Razer, it's always been the day before or day of. I think once it was a week before but that was a long time ago. With Asus, it was worse. They don't announce anything at all sometimes and other times they give you an open ended release date that ends up being vaporware(Asus GX500). So it could be worse!

    Like all of you, I'm angry too. But I kind of expected this since I've seen it so often. With the Stealth releasing a week early, I maybe had a shred of hope they turned over a new leaf... but once the first delay sunk in, I knew this was going to be a long wait.

    Those ordering now should not expect to get theirs on the posted release date. In fact, if history repeats itself, they'll probably have trouble fulfilling the first month of preorders on the initial wave. In previous launches they ran out of stock on the first wave and the MS store ended up getting them in stock before Razer got their second batch. So there were a lot of peeps cancelling their orders and ordering from MSstore during those launches. That could be the case with this launch too but many have been saying this is Razer exclusive, so who knows. Either way, I'm stuck in for the long haul because I had store credit and I refuse to give the Stealth another chance.
  10. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    You shouldn't commit to a date until you can deliver something on-time. You really shouldn't piss off your customers by repeatedly pushing the date back right before it ships. This isn't a pair of pants. This is a few thousand dollars worth of machine that people have put money aside for. That money could be spent on other machines, and at this point i'm leaning towards cancelling my order. I will give @Min-Liang Tan some time to give more information though as I really am looking forward to that machine.
  11. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Maybe not the Core but there will, without a doubt, be Thunderbolt 3 GPU enclosures. They had them for Thunderbolt 2 and they worked great. I'm hopeful the Core will be compatible with all TB3. Even if it requires a reboot, that's ok with me. But the Core is just vapor until someone actually posts a benchmark on it. Where are those benchmarks? o_O
  12. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    I don't know what that book I've always keep things in perspective though. While it is easy to just look at this from my perspective and say, "This is BS, why don't I have my laptop yet!?", I always feel the need to evaluate every situation on both sides so that I can remove emotion from my arguments, because emotion will always lead to the demise of said arguments. So when I look at it from Razer's perspective, the only thing that I can resolve is that they are trying to make the laptop perfect. While such an endeavor can lead to a multitude of delays, Razer's track record on quality more than affords them the benefit of the doubt on this matter. I will take delays over defects every time, and I don't really need an explanation on it, since I know that Razer is doing it for the right reasons. Where do I get such faith from? From the fact that every Razer product I have ever seen or use absolutely exudes quality and you can literally see the ingenuity that goes into their products. When you care about your product this much, then perfection is the number one priority and release dates will always come in second to that pursuit. That is why I am not worried too much about these delays. Sure, I am extremely disappointed, maybe more disappointed than anyone in this thread (debatable, I'm sure), but I would be far more disappointed if my laptop arrives with defects, as I am sure all of you would be as well. Lets keep these things in mind, as in these cases, all too often, it is either get it on time or get it perfect. Very rarely do the two coincide in a laptop. If it does, then you either got lucky or you just didn't notice the engineering defects on your unit, until after your warranty of course.
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  13. clipk0

    clipk0 Member

    Guess you haven't heard of Battlefield Hardline or Uncharted 4, oh what about that other game oh yeah the Division, all these have been delayed and after people pre-ordered, and there is plenty more examples those are just the recent ones. There wasn't a "release date" there was a shipping date, which was FROM March 31st as far as I'm concerned May 18th is from March 31st. If you do not want to wait then go buy a Dell and get off the Razer forums.
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  14. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    You do realize that release dates are NOT guarantees...they are goals. It is your fault for not understanding this distinction, and if you can't, this is the reason you would fail trying to run this company. Which is more important to you, them rushing to get it to you on time (though they may have to let little defects slide to make that date) or getting a perfect laptop that got every little defect fixed (though you may have to wait 2 months longer for it? I would personally rather wait, but if your answer is that you want it on time, then you should've went with Dell instead, because everyone said that this was a probability from day 1, so I was expecting delays, just in case. As you said, this is a laptop, not a pair of pants, unforeseen issues can rise up at any point during the process, so they may have to adjust dates to compensate for those circumstances. I don't understand how this doesn't make sense to absolutely everyone.
  15. Maybe try reading it. "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

    I think you are having a hard time understanding that razer stated a date of shipment. That alone is a confirmation that they are ready for shipping on that said date. Regarding your statement about quality, I have been to factories that assembles mbp and razer, trust me, nothing special between these two factories. I can tell these facts because i work closely with tier 1 companies on the design level.

    When you care about your products so much, it starts at the bottom of the supply chain, keeping constant check of quality. And when you able to produce at least several thousand WORKING PERFECT units. This is the only proper time to announce a release date.

    You don't announce a release date without a proper working stock first! The dates between the announcement and the delivery is just a buffer for chicken shits that could happen during the testing (that should have already been done with the initial units).

    My question for your logic is, why would min liang tan give a date and still not be prepared on the release date?

    I understand that shit happens, but delay after delay? even if razer said that they will be shipping first back in march 31st? I do question the quality you are claiming if they keep sending the razer back to qa and delay the system more.
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  16. BluesnBlazin

    BluesnBlazin Member

    They all should be interchangeble, Thunderbolt is not Razer proprietary so they should all work with Thunderbolt 3 compatible laptops, unless the manufacturer of the laptop released it before fully testing it and lets issues slide. I'm glad Razer isn't one of those companies.
  17. Snakered

    Snakered New Member

    Just going to go ahead and add my 2 cents. The delays are not frustrating for me, that is expected with a new product and I agree I would like them to have it working properly when it arrives. I ordered the new AW last year with the amp and it was months before those worked together properly. What upsets me is how they handled the situation. People called in when the website page changed from 04/25 to 05/13 and they related that the new date was for newer orders, that early pre orders would keep the 25th. Either they knew and lied or did not know and still lied. In that situation they should of said "we do not know" or "we'll get back to you". By saying the 25th is still a go is just salt on the wound when they delay it again.
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  18. clipk0

    clipk0 Member

    I'm hoping we get a case a backpack or maybe even a larger discount of the core for this delay muahahaha... Good things come to those who wait.
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  19. Larger discount on the Core would definitely make me shut the fuck up.
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  20. I've got it up-to-date with updates, maybe it's just a personal preference thing. Or maybe I was spoiled by my old MBPro's pad. I'm sure it's just my preferences when it comes to the keyboard. (Plus- only one color... so boring! :wink_:)
    I've been able to run Firewatch and Fallout 4 on Ultra, but that's with it pumped out to my big ol' 1080 monitor, certainly not in the XPS's native res.
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