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Blade 2016 USB-C Power Output?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by samsamdar, Nov 28, 2016.

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  1. So I have a Maxwell 2016 Blade (with the 970M) and want a way to charge my iPhone fast... So if I use the USB-C port (with a lightning to USB-C cable from Apple), will it charge faster than using a standard USB-A cable? After all, USB-C supports up to a 100w, right? Although, I only need 12w to fast charge my iPhone....
  2. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    USB-C (Power Delivery) standard defines support of up to 100W of power. That does not mean that it is implemented in your laptop.
    That's more realistic, however, I did not find any definitive information on that regard. My personal feeling is that it will rather be 5V x 0.9A = 4.5 Watts of power. Interesting to check, though.
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