Blade Advanced 2019 on the Struggle Bus

Discussion in 'Systems' started by buggzero, Dec 19, 2021.

  1. buggzero

    buggzero New Member

    I have the 2019 2070-maxq version of the blade 15. About a few months ago I started noticing some dips in performance in Valheim, chalking it up to possibly being the unoptimized nature of the game, it hasn't been too drastic until the past couple weeks.

    Anytime this system is under load (with multiple games or programs) the computer shoots up to 100c, and just starts really having a hard time. This is even with low graphics intense games or graphic/vid production.

    I just completed a reset and updating of all the drivers. The temp stops spiking, but I can't score over 5000 on Timespy. It was around 4500 right out of the gate before undervolting. Does this performance seem normal for this series, I was getting 6800 level out of the box last year.
  2. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    Repaste it if you have the knowledge. Your heatsink maybe full of gunk as well impeding cooling/airflow, which you can clean when you repaste.
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  3. buggzero

    buggzero New Member

    @dudepare01 For some reason, my brain went right past the basics and straight to a comprehensive resolution. I had definitely done a wipe down and blew out with canned air, but when I took off the backplate there were a few dust bunnies blocking a piece of the vent, and I saw immediate improvement after cleaning it out. Thank you sir! Admins, you can mark this as resolved.

    For comparison, this is my timespy score of 6000 right after clearing out the blockage in the vent. It wasn't very big, but enough to really impact the system.
  4. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    Glad to be of help! Cheers!
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