Blade is awesome but how can I connect 2 monitors and Ethernet?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by nutmix, Mar 5, 2017.

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  1. Crimsonsitehead640

    Crimsonsitehead640 New Member

    I always have dual 30" monitors and ethernet, both at home and at work.
    I would not dream of using wifi for gaming or work, as its no where near as fast and reliable as my 300Mb symetrical Fibre I have both at home and at work.

    I would purchase a razer blade laptop tomorrow, except they dont support dual monitor + ethernet. Its a mind boggling omission. Sure I can get an adapter from thunderbolt to either displayport or ethernet, but not both. Also, there is no splitter cable. A dock would defeat the object of a light laptop, as I would have to carry it to work and back every day. And I have not found a thunderbolt doc which has both displayport and ethernet. Dell did one, but it didnt work and they abandoned it.

    So many high end laptops (e.g. xps 15) dont support dual monitor and ethernet. Thus I am forced to buy something like a MSI phantom pro or Asus ROG, with dubious build quality and heat issuese (phontom). The alienware 13 has all the required ports, but it is twice the weight it should be, its too heavy to lug about.

    If only someone would make a high end, quality gaming laptop with dual m.2 pcie, < 2.2kg, ethernet, mini dp, GTX 1060, 7700HQ and HDMI, I would be so happy, but this doesnt exist yet. I would gladly pay £2500 for such a machine.

    What Razer doesnt seem to understand is that thunderbolt replaces one port, not two, as there is no splitter.

    Does anyone else not buy razer for the same reason?
  2. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    I'm confused as to why you can't use HDMI for one monitor, Thunderbolt for the other, and USB 3 for the Ethernet? The Blades have USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports which are more then fast enough to handle your internet connection.
  3. Crimsonsitehead640

    Crimsonsitehead640 New Member

    @bmoconno USB3-RJ45 adapter is not a bad idea - I had not realised that USB would be fast enough to support 1Gbps ethernet. This would mean I had to permantely carry round 2 dongles and a powered USB hub, adding significanlty to the weight.

    The problem is that the laptop only has 2x USB3 ports, one would be permanetnly taken with the RJ45 adapter, and the other would need to be connected to a powered hub to support Vive, or just the usual gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, headset, web cam and external HD. This is just too much extra stuff to carry, and is hugely inconvenient.

    If we compare this to say the MSI phantom pro, which is the same size and weight as the razer, but has:
    M.2 pcie + 2.5" SATA drives.

    the razer starts to look very inconvenient, which is such as shame. If only they would bring out a model with RJ45 and/or mini Displayport (and a second m.2 socket like the 17")
  4. SirTigger

    SirTigger New Member

    Isn't the answer the Razer Core to your question? The Razer core which comes with Ethernet, extra USB ports and an optional extra Graphics card? Alternatively some of the USB-C docks which have come out for the recent MacBook Pro.

    You say 30" displays but you haven't specified their resolution? Are they 4k, 1440p or 1080p displays? Or are they 16:10 displays with a different resolution? Most USB docks will support up to 1440p and the newer ones 4k. All hanging off a single USB-C port with no additional adapters. So make its a question of money more than anything else I guess... An £100 on a Dock or £400 - £500 (depending how you buy it) for a core + the cost of a graphics card.
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  5. Crimsonsitehead640

    Crimsonsitehead640 New Member

    both displays are 2560x1600, but I will upgrade all 4 to 4k when budget allows. displayport 1.2 and hdmi 1.4 both support 4k. The core is not the answer in that I dont want to carry the laptop and the core every day to and from work. I would rather by the msi phantom pro and carry nothing more, although I would much rather have the razer if only they would bring out a future model with dual display + ethernet option.
    Core + card adds a signifiant expense. I would get the stealth + core if only the stealth had displayport or ethernet, as I dont need gaming at work, just dual 4k monitors and ethernet.

    The purpose of my post was to raise "feature request" or to possibly alert razer to people like me who would love to buy a razer if it only had another port. If it turns out I am the only one who needs dual monitor, 1Gb ethernet and at least two powerd usb 3 ports without having to carry extra baggage, then I guess I should be ignored.
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  6. bmoconno

    bmoconno Well-Known Member

    There's actually 3 USB ports on the Blade itself.

    I just hooked up my Blade to my UltraWide (3440 x 1440) monitor via Thunderbolt, to my Oculus Rift via HDMI, Ethernet + Mouse + Keyboard + 1 Sensor on that Anker Hub, Rift and other Sensor via remaining two USB 3.0 ports on the Blade. Played Robo Recall without issue... unless the Vive uses some dramatically different power over USB, I'm guessing you'd be ok with just 1 $25 Anker hub like the one I listed above.
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  7. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    If you are carrying around a gaming keyboard / mouse / headset / webcam and external HD. I think an extra usb hub would be the least of your troubles
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  8. Crimsonsitehead640

    Crimsonsitehead640 New Member

    At home and at work, I have 2 monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset and webcam. Currently I carry my laptop (& external HD) to/from work every day, and its too heavy. The blade would be perfect, except to support two monitors and ethernet, I would need to use the thunderbolt and one USB3, leaving only one USB3 port for everything else, I could by 2 active USB3 hubs, and have one at eaach location, but this is going to be slow - all devices, including HD through one USB is not ideal. If it had 2 spare usb, then I could use one with a passive hub for USB2 devices, and one for the HD.

    When I travel on business, there are always keyboards, mice, monitors and headsets at each office.

    At the end of the day, for me, with 2 monitors and ethernet, its too much hasstle making sure I always have 2 dongles and a powered hub with me - its the reason I dont by a mac is they have cut out the ports for "asthetics" and are just not as practical for road warrior use, which one of the main buyer groups for this machine I would have assumed.

    If razer made a blade with either an additional ethernet, displayport or usb, I would buy it.

    Not if you have to use the thunderbolt for the second monitor, that only leaves 2 USB ports. The problem is thunderbolt only replaces one port at a time (as there is no such thing as a spliter), but the blade is missing 3 ports (display port, ethernet, and another usb3), so you have to sacrifice something. Yes, you could buy an expesive thunderbolt dock and carry this around, but then there is no point in buying a light laptop.
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  9. kidsnd274

    kidsnd274 New Member

    What about the Razer Blade Pro? It has Ethernet built-in. I think your needs will be perfectly satisfied by a Razer Core. You can hook the two monitors to the external graphics card and in that way you won't lose much bandwidth because you are not routing the video back using the thunderbolt connection. The Core gives you Ethernet and extra USBs that you need and it's perfect because you only need to connect one cable for display, Ethernet, and your USB devices. Other than that, maybe consider a desktop? You can go for the MSI Phantom Pro its completely fine. But you won't be getting the sleekness and beauty that the Razer laptops have to offer.
  10. what monitor did you buy??
  11. simon_mso

    simon_mso New Member

    An old thread, but I came across it when looking for an answer. Have just got a Razer Blade Stealth and so looked for an answer to the same. In the end I got a Startech USB-C hub which can support 2 screens and Ethernet. Happy to report that it works perfectly, however be careful of buying a longer USB-C to USB-C cable as they are not all equal.

    The one that comes with it is ridiculously short, about 20cm, however trying to find a longer one that supports screens is difficult and/or costly. There are some cables for about £5 however they don't support the screens.

    Anyway, here's the hub I went for :
  12. Crimsonsitehead640

    Crimsonsitehead640 New Member

    Interesting product. Looks like its using the USB 3.0 interface, rather than thunderbolt. Sadly, it only supports a single high res monitor,and only at 30Hz, so would suck for gaming and document editing. As USB 3.0 only supports 5Gbps (max theoretical), I would be sceptical if such devices don't have a performance impact on the associated ethernet or the laptops USB 3.0 bus when using in conjunction with a pair of low res, or single high res monitor? The HDMI 1.3 spec requires 8.16 Gbps which clearly USB3 cannot provide. Even the old 1.2 spec from 2005 uses up to 3.96Gbps.

    There still don't appear to be any reasonably priced portable thunderbolt docs.

  13. simon_mso

    simon_mso New Member

    I currently have it powering a pair of 1900x1200@60hz monitors without any noticable issues. I have noticed that a mouse plugged in to the dock occasionally stalls however that may be unrelated, haven't had a chance to look into that one. I haven't tried with a 4K monitor as I haven't any to hand.

    On Windows 10 there are some oddities when plugged into these screens in that I'm finding it necessary to run the built in display at 1900x1080 instead of 3600x2160 so that the display scaling more closely matches, as otherwise the large 1900x1200 screens have ridiculously large icons as they seem based off the main screen. Will continue having a play.

    All in all it does everything I need for web development at least :) Time will tell if that continues of course.
  14. No luck here with my Razer Blade Stealth KabyLake. It charges the laptop and outputs to one monitor if connected on the HDMI. Once you connect the second monitor on the display port neither work. If you connect only one monitor to the display port only it doesn't work either.
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