Blade Pro 2017 FHD + 4K External Monitor

Discussion in 'Systems' started by RazerPao, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. RazerPao

    RazerPao New Member

    My blade pro runs a GTX 1060 and I use 4K monitor by Acer. My question is, does 4K overwork or strain my laptop in some form? My laptop has been faulty since purchased and it hasn't been a year. There were issues with blue screen crashes, power supply not working, and recently my unit smoked w/ a burning smell. Anyhow, I've RMA my system 3x now and they decided to replace it since it has been defective from the start.

    My main question is does 4K negatively affect the internal systems (processor, graphics, power supply) on my laptop especially when playing games like BF5. Should I be using a lower end external monitor. I'm also planning on getting core v2 eventually if it means running smoothly on 4K. But for the meantime, should I be worried about using my blade pro with a 4k monitor in gaming? Kind of got traumatized with my RB pro breaking/malfunctioning that makes me thing everything can kill it. lol.

    Thanks you!
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  2. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    Depends on the refresh rate, resolution, graphics settings on your pc as well as the settings in-game. You're not going to be able to push out 4K BF5 at max settings obviously. Try using modest settings and a lower resolution. Should be fine. If your lappy is overheating you might be pushing it too far.
  3. RazerPao

    RazerPao New Member

    Yeah. I don't normally run max setting. I always go for medium or low settings on most games. It just happens that the "smoking" issue happened 20mins after I purchased BF5. So I get that it's not an issue playing on 4k monitor as long as I'm running on median settings? And my laptop didn't seem to be overheating at least from what I noticed. It had prior power supply/battery issue even before I got a 4k monitor but was never actually overheating.

    Thanks for the response!
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Resolution does not impact cpu load. 60fps at 1080p or 4k will load the cpu the same, the important as @GameGH0ST mentioned is your gaming setting towards your gpu capability. Monitoring in game temperature like using OSD afterburner etc is of course important as well. Do you know from which parts is that smoke you mentioned? I would directly contact support if i were you, it shouldn’t happen usually.
    I play BFV on Blade 15 1070 maxq max setting 1080p from 60 to 100fps depends area, with stealth and Razer Core rtx 2070 setting on 4K 60fps, sometimes play as well dxr on war story just for fun 1440p medium (Blade 15 with core 2070) at 40 to 60fps depends areas, on Blade dGPU it’s a bit high cpu temperature but I can manage to keep on 80ish with undervolting and Synapse balanced mode (lower cpu tdp mode).
  5. RazerPao

    RazerPao New Member

    I already contacted support and they are going to replace my unit because it has been defective to begin with so I'm just waiting for them to get back to me on it. I already sent my unit to them. But yeah the smoking came from the left side and its evident when plugged in on the power supply. And yeah thanks. I'll monitor my cpu, temp, etc when I play. Just waiting for the replacement laptop to come. Thanks for responding on my prev. post. I'll get myself v2 once I find the right GPU for me thanks! Also, my guess is that triple fan gpu does not fit on core v2 right?
  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes for high end card, strix is too big overall
    , evga ftw3 even slim but it’s too long I heard. The dual fans from evga mostly fit on it despite rtx ultra with width 3 slots. Some thick dual fans like Asus dual rtx are also too thick, slim one like Kfa2 or Zotac dual i think is fine. Just buy from somewhere that easy to return in case it doesn’t fit or has other issues. Bought online from nvidia the return process took over a month.
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