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Blade Pro next order/ship date

Discussion in 'Systems' started by NotBruceWayne, Nov 8, 2016.

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  1. NotBruceWayne_no_id

    NotBruceWayne_no_id New Member

    So I missed the wagon on the first pre-orders. Does anybody know when we will be able to place an order for it and when it may ship? If there are no announced dates, how did it go for the release of the Blade?

    Rant that you can ignore:
    I have a first gen Blade that I use for everything from work to gaming to Netflix, on the go, traveling to new locations every day. The battery, GPU, and 2 USB ports have died so I've had to disable everything or else it blue screens. Point is that it's limping along pretty badly and I need a new laptop. I want it to be a Pro because I move around a lot and could really use the portability and power for what I'm doing, but I can't be stuck with what is effectively a Macbook Air for too long while I wait. I miss my games, and I'll definitely need to play a few given what the elections are looking like at the moment.

    TL;DR: How long and is it worth it to wait for the new Blade Pro to be available while my workstation is running at 30%?
Thread Status:
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