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Blade stealth 2017 wishlist

Discussion in 'Systems' started by WhiteOutGaming, May 1, 2017.

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  1. dabigpotato

    dabigpotato Member

    I'm pretty sure I've made a post about this before but I'm to lazy to check and some of my opinions may have changed so here's a possibly part 2. Number 1, I think this is something no one will complain about. It's something easy that can be fixed right now by changing the option before buying, but I think the next iteration of the blade stealth should have a base model storage of at least 256 gbs. Like I said, it's something easy to change now but that brings the price up, and I'm aware that that till make the system more expensive. But the 128 that we have now just isn't enough to run a whole lot off of. The OS alone takes up over 30 gbs, add CSGO and some editing software you use for class, and boom, instantly run out of space for everything. I know you can just buy an external drive if you need that extra storage but it's just nice to have. 2. Another is some kind of dedicated GPU. I'd like to see at least a 1060 in the next blade, I get they probably did this to encourage people to buy the core but I mean really, Intel graphics are just sad and such a great system deserves better. 3. A darker screen, yes, DARKER. Using the blade in the dark can strain my eyes after a while, so having it be able to go a little bit darker for those in bed Netflix sessions would be appreciated. 4, bezels. This has been a huge topic of debate against the blade stealth sense it's launch, and while I hate the fact that it's such an issue to people, if they can make the entire package this thin, they can certainly pull off some more magic around the screen and make the bezels 1/4 the size. Let me know what you think of my reasons and tell me if you hae any more
  2. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    0. use spaces...nobody likes to read a huge block of text with no formatting.

    1. Why not keep the 128gb option for people who dont need a lot of space, and want a cheaper machine? I think having that option and a little more expensive 256gb option is still the best for people who want a cheaper machine, or buy cheap and install a new ssd yourself later once you run out of space. I agree its not much space, but no point in taking that option away for people who dont wanna spend quite as much money.

    2. You cant get a 1060 in the chassis of the Stealth, its just not possible at the moment. If you wanted a 1060, they would have to make it thicker, and sacrifice battery life....oh wait! Thats just a 14Inch razer blade! if you want a 1060 go buy one of those, that sounds exactly what you are looking for :)

    3. A darker screen makes sense. I personally like a very dim screen so its easier on my eye. so i cant argue with this point. a greater variety of brightness levels is always good.

    Edit: changed word "git" to "get"...to much time spent running git commands
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  3. SodiumMachine

    SodiumMachine Active Member

    I think you are missing the point of the stealth. The stealth is an ultra book.
    The stealth's main objective is not for gaming. Heres example: writing documents, updating your awesome razer profile, checking twitter, watching yt, or taking notes about AP Euro. Its main purpose is to be supper thin and light so you can do your essentials, and the when you get home you can plug it in to your core.
    I'll give you some comparisons.
    The stealth is like the Lenovo T470
    The razer blade is like the Lenovo Y900
  4. Valhadon

    Valhadon New Member

    I personally would love to see an option available this year for the Razer Blade Stealth with the following specs:
    • 7th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU.
    • 16 GB of RAM.
    • 256 GB SSD (PCIe M.2).
    • 1080p Non Touch Matte finish display.
    • Reduced bezels (Bonus points).
    This would be an instant sale for me. Increased battery life, more screen real estate, reduced glare and less finger prints. :cool_: Plus, I personally don't think anything higher than 1080p is needed for an ultra book with a 12.5" display, especially when there is the option to plug it into the Core and use an external monitor.
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  5. webSangriafirst315

    webSangriafirst315 New Member

    bezel is the reason that i haven 't buy the rbs

    and 13.3inch screen will be better to be honest 12.5inch too small for me
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  6. dthai17

    dthai17 New Member

    The storage is removable m.2 so keep the 128gb as an option for those who want to remove and install their own.

    Also since the ram is soldered on, make 16gb standard.

    The only thing that keeps the RBS from being the best ultrabook to the undisputed best UB is the bezel.
  7. ngendo20

    ngendo20 New Member

    I think now that Windows has released an ultrabook with a super thin bezel, Dell has the XPS with thin bezel and Lenovo 5th gen Carbon X1 has a thin bezel, that Razer has to do a thin bezel to be able to compete in the UB market.

    With Q2 releases happening, I'm hoping Razer has a Stealth refresh here soon that I can throw my money at.
  8. trizolegrand

    trizolegrand New Member

    i think the blade is a great product but am holding off on buying it at the moment incase anewer and better version comes out some time very soon. if it does though i would most probably grab one straight away if the battery life got even better, it isnt too bad right now, but if it is even slightly improved that would be great. then those bezels, am not saying it should be xps 13 size bezels, but at least reduce their size slightly, maybe by increasing screen size to around 13 inches. those are defiantly two of the things that would make the blade stealth the ultimate ultrabook to me. other things i could include as a wishlist but wouldnt be a deal breaker if not there would maybe be DDR4 ram if thats possible, i would also love to see an oled panel, as long as they retain their high color accuracy that they already have, and that would be all. nothing crazy like a dgpu (its not meant for that) but yeah, basically smaller bezels and longer battery life is the main things for me! sorry for the long post
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  9. Gromet

    Gromet New Member

    I just bought a new blade 14" about 3 weeks ago (not 1 issue, and LOVE it). These just cam out in February, I wouldn't expect a refresh anytime too soon.

  10. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    The Stealth has an 7th Gen Intel CPU, i think you mean 8th Gen :smile_:

    The upcoming 4 core U series CPUs sound promising, i hope they make it in this years Stealth update. I would also like to see that they use a more high end SSD, the Samsung PM951 is old and can't keep up with the current gen of SSDs.
  11. Nazka

    Nazka Active Member

    I have to admit that the bezels on the RBS are ridiculously large at the moment. The RBS will probably be my next big purchase when I have to change my old laptop, so I'm looking forward to seeing the 2017 iteration of it.
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