Blade Stealth + Core + GTX 1080 benchmarks, first impressions

Discussion in 'Systems' started by vitorious, May 27, 2016.

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  1. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    I think it's best to wait for version 3 of the core/Stealth with a 5-10 fold improvement in a 2 year cycle.
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  2. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    This will explain what I'm talking about. Watch as he tests different resolutions.

  3. KillerFry

    KillerFry New Member

    In a nutshell, because as the game requires more rendering time in the GPU, bandwidth becomes less of a problem.

    The higher the resolution and image quality settings, the smaller the perfomance gap. It will alway be there, tho.

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  4. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    There's a smaller performance gap at 4k but it's not enough to overcome a larger performance gap but higher fps at 1080p.

    At 1080p I find I don't have to turn down the settings unlike in 1440p, which I still find hard to get a stable 60fps.

    Also I have a 1080 but performance in Overwatch is exactly the same as a 1070/980 ti, at 1440p epic settings 100% render internal 4k display with 60 to over 70 fps sometimes goes under 60 a bit, or to a 100fps when looking at the ground.

    And at 4k, fps is entirely within the 40s range with 49fps when looking at the ground. Exactly the same as 1080p 200%render scale in the bench mark posted above.
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  5. KillerFry

    KillerFry New Member

    I was just answering the question to Destrok. As I mentioned, there will *always* be a performance gap. No amount of drivers and tweaks will eliminate them. Dell's Alienware thing, which is a direct PCIe connection without TB <-> PCIe overhead, has a performance gap.

    I know that a 1080 performs like a 1070/980Ti would in a desktop. But I think people are looking at it from the wrong direction. A 1070 is way ahead of a 960m, and that is the point of this kind of technology.

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  6. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    huh..... well I'll be damned.....
    that both does and doesn't make sense, seems like it ought to be the opposite but I kinda see what you're saying.
  7. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    I thought the video would be easier than typing out a huge explanation as to why. But at least now you know where I'm coming from!
  8. I'm hoping to see some results from someone that has two setups of the same card to compare. It doesn't make sense solely based on upping the resolution means more render data back / forth to the GPU. I see larger gaps in performance in VR games and rendering work as I increase resolution and "render resolution" for super sampling (typically render 5k if possible, lots of small details that get lost in native render res). The more data the more congestion through the "lanes".

    So I'm trying to understand how that makes sense idk. The Core is great for "What it is" but it definitely has a significant performance loss compared to "direct" PCI sans "interface overhead" like the Amplifier or a direct slot. The loss is bearable for what it is but it's there, I don't think sticking a Titan X in one makes sense, honestly at this point a 1080 doesn't make sense. I would have gone 1070 in the thing, more cost effective performance capped card. 980Ti's can be had for $319 EVGA superclock, seems like a good paring for the Core.
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  9. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    If even at 4k I'm seeing a massive 30℅ hit then I may rethink the core as it may not be for me. However... What I want is the absolute most powerful solution possible in a smaller more portable form. What I want is the option to use my laptop with decent graphical settings on its own... But have the ability to crank out 4k with the plug of a wire. So titan XP or 1080ti would be my choice. It's more about getting the maximum amount of performance out of the core without price being a factor.

    However!... A massive 30℅ loss makes me cringe and until I have 110℅ proof on resolution scaling and how more powerful cards perform... I'm not pulling any triggers.
  10. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    My god a 980 ti for $319?! I payed that for my 970..... lol hopefully the 970's drop enough that I can just sli on the cheap.
  11. Calvin343

    Calvin343 Member

    He might just be using this for work :joy:. But I would like to know how it runs games that aren't optimized just to see if the blade will run them well like the forrest.
  12. grit621

    grit621 Member

    That's been my point too. I KNOW the RB Core won't match a desktop. But if I can drop a GTX 1080 inside one and get 60+ FPS at 1440p with all the eye candy turned on, I'll be happy.
  13. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    I'm way more simple, my conditions are "as long as it play most current games without frying and with good enough fps no matter how low the resolution(preferably mid to high) it's good enough"
  14. You sir are why the $199 RX480 / $249 GTX 1060 exists :-D! For the rest of us wanting maximum performance and are running a $699 GTX 1080 our expectations are a little different lol.
  15. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    hahahaha bullseye, you don't know how much you've made me laugh because you are so right!!!!
  16. Yeah I laugh at all the mad fanboys that think expectations are "too high" for me (and others) on the Core. Hell Razer is "For Gamers, By Gamers" for a reason, they are the one company that listens to feedback from "hardcore" or "enthusiast" gamers for a reason. If I wanted mediocre performance I would buy a "akio" thunderbolt 2 dock, or a TB3 dock on release. I bought Razer from a "Gaming" company first for a reason.

    I've owned every hardware product including the Razer Edge tablet with all the goodies! (love that thing) I'm a fan through and through.
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  17. GreenChris90

    GreenChris90 Active Member

    Does anyone happen to know the difference between the 1080, and the 980 ti amp ext? That GPU is a beast!
  18. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    Since you are paying a hefty amount of money for the products, you have the right to have high expectations also absolutely no one has the right to tell you that it is wrong. as I said I'm just the simple person, I have always being a budget person, don't have the money to spend on those items nor the time to play with them that's the reason i consider myself a casual gamer even though all my family think I'm a hardcore gamer

    the second reason is the main reason i also don't save up to buy those aforementioned items, since i won't use them that much, i see no reason to buy them in the first place
  19. Kildras

    Kildras New Member

    You simply have your expectations wrongly placed.
    Technology is always going to be limited by technological limits, and what we have is a limit of TB3.

    Alienware already offers a better solution for egpu dock performance wise, but it can only be used with alienware laptop for a good reason.
    Razer core is limited by TB3 and that's because this particular technology is usable for all laptops with TB3 so long there is bios and driver support.

    So Razer "For Gamers, By Gamers" does apply here, it is just not only For Razer gamers.

    If you are a hardcore gamer, you really should be looking for hardware before brands loyalty which in this case if you want top performance, you should have moved to the AW dock and their laptop.

    MSI and Asus both have their own ideas but MSI solution looks limited to MSI laptop once again (in fact it looks like they have changed their mind when the dock info has disappeared and releasing the new pascal laptop)
    Asus is probably going to be limited by TB3 as well and perform just equal to the core.

    So in short, unless razer use their own proprietary road like AW, don't expect razer or any company to "improve" TB3
  20. d1337tion

    d1337tion Member

    This is in comparison to the reference 1080


    This is in comparison to my 1070

    If you were wondering if you should upgrade now, I think i'd hold off for Volta
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