Blade Stealth + Core + GTX 1080 benchmarks, first impressions

Discussion in 'Systems' started by vitorious, May 27, 2016.

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  1. GreenChris90

    GreenChris90 Active Member

    Thanks, definitely a great new GPU! Just got the amp ext, but when they release a gpu with high fps 4k, I'll definitely pick one up!
  2. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    I think a lot of people are missing several points. This isn't meant to compete 1v1 with a desktop. You also probably dont have a 2 core i7 in your desktop. You also cant have this at work or home and simply unplug an under 5lb portion to take with you anywhere else. You compare prices. A 2k pc for performance you still need a 1k laptop for travel that is decent or even more for heavy gaming.

    Anyone have the new razer stealth and a core?
  3. KillerFry

    KillerFry New Member

    I does :big_grin_:

    As expected, the only main difference is that the CPU is has a little bit more horsepower, and Intel's optimizations allow it to spend more time at a higher frequency. As such, the only real difference is in the physics scores.

    You are correct, though. I don't think the Core is meant to go vs a desktop system; of course the desktop is going to win. It is meant to go vs a mobile system, and even with a performance hit the Core is going to win against a 970m or an iGPU.

    Now, against one of Nvidia's newer 10-mobile-not-mobile-anymore... this here happens. Asus' GL502vm (1060) vs. The New Razer Blade Stealth vs. Razer Blade 14 (early-2016); the Razer's are using a 980Ti on the Core. I can only guess that a 1070(m) is going to be on par with a Core+980Ti.
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  4. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    In reality it is meant to not be competition for anything. Its a whole new level of portability ... taking my ultrabook from being a gaming system unplugging it and traveling with it, or taking it to work.

    The other gen 1 stealth with a 1070 seemed to be on par with a 980ti desktop (this was just a guess by me). Many thought the bottle neck was the CPU.

    I'm confused by your results there I dont see an i7 7500 with a 1080. (edit sorry I thought this was my other post asking about a core and 1080).

    I'll have a 1080 now, just waiting on my Core.

    So looking at it again the 980ti core out performed the mobile 1060 ... the 970m out performed both?

    That 980ti performance doesnt seem that bad at all thought. Interested to see what my 1080+core will do.
  5. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    Wait it looks like you have a 1080 on a desk top .... take that bad boy out and try it in the core!
  6. KillerFry

    KillerFry New Member

    Not, the 970m didn't outpeform anything. It just happens that sometimes 3DMark's system scan will pick up and report it as a 970m, even though it is actually using the Core/980Ti <shrugs />

    I might try the 1080 on the Core during the weekend, just for fun.
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  7. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    Oh please do, many would love to see the side by side comparison .. I was close to buying a 2 core intel comparable to the 7500 for true comparisons, but my desktop hard piping would be just to much to get around.
  8. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    Either way these results are confusing though the lower proc and a 980ti did better than the newer with a 980ti? Or maybe firestrikes results are weighted thinking its a 970m (cause those results are much better than the 980ti results with the same processor). I have a desktop with a 980ti EVGA classified. I think its a safe bet that the core with a 1080 will out perform that. I'd toss your 980 ti in the desktop also so that you can compare those to the core results too. Depending on how frisky ya feel.

    Fire strike doesnt seem that reliable the speed and memory bus clock are all over the place, I assume its the same 980ti for both laptops?
  9. KillerFry

    KillerFry New Member

    I think you're somewhat confused on the results; in no case did a lower CPU did better than one of the "newer".

    Maybe your confusion is that the 7500U is technically "newer" than the 6700HQ; but remember that the U is an low power version (2 cores/4 threads), and the HQ is higher end mobile part (4 cores/8 threads).

    Both the Asus GL502vm and the Razer Blade 14 use the 6700HQ.

    Here is another look at the comparison table. Columns are as follows:
    1. My desktop (i7-5930K/1080)
    2. Asus GL502vm (i7-6700HQ/1060(m))
    3. Razer Blade 14 (i7-6700HQ/Core+980Ti) - 3Dmark reports 970m, but it's wrong.
    4. New Razer Blade Stealth (i7-7500U/Core+980Ti)
    5. Old Razer Blade Stealth (i7-6500U/Core+980Ti)
    I don't have a Fire Strike Ultra run of the actual 970m. You're right, the system scan that 3DMark uses doesn't actually know how to handle the Core situation, and the system info section is not all that reliable (actually, that run with the Blade 14 was back in May, SystemInfo was version 4.45 and the current version is 4.48... maybe it's been fixed?)

    Remember, the Physics score/test are the ones targetting the CPU itself, and everything falls in line as expected.

    Edit.- Just realized I have the Blade 14 here in the office. I'll run FS Ultra with the 970m to add it for clarity ;)
  10. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    That explains a lot I was just assuming the 6500u vs 7500u thanks!
  11. revas

    revas New Member

  12. This thread is confusing. I am still debating on getting the Stealth, but I wanted to see a simple bench.

    Standard FireStrike v1.1 + Core + GTX1080 @ 1080p. My scores with my new Blade are

    Overall: 13,072

    Graphics Score: 17,062
    Physics Score: 9,771
    Combined Score: 5,819

    Can someone post their Stealth + Core + GTX1080 @ 1080p benches here so I can see the difference? I was worried the Stealth would be processor limited when it came to benches but I am curious what the difference would be.
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  13. vitorious

    vitorious New Member

    My scores are in the link in the first post, and also the first few posts after that.

    Overall: 9,388
    Graphics Score: 17,109
    Physics Score: 4,989
    Combined Score: 3,067

    The graphics score is desktop-equivalent, but the 2-core mobile CPU (Stealth early 2016, Skylake 6500U, QHD) takes a beating.
  14. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    8 479 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080(1x) and Intel Core i7-7500U Processor
    Graphics Score
    17 241
    Physics Score
    3 777
    Combined Score
    2 880

    This was with the laptop display, I believe I have read it does a lot better with external. Also this was done a while ago, right out of the box with little to no tweaking.
  15. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    Ok I just ran it on an external screen (1080) With things like chrome closed etc.

    Graphics score
    17 212
    Graphics test 1
    81.86 FPS
    Graphics test 2
    68.93 FPS
    Physics score
    5 689
    Physics test
    18.06 FPS
    Combined score
    3 559
    Combined test
    16.56 FPS

    As far as value goes ... I really like it. It fits my situation perfectly, I travel a lot etc and even without an external GPU this thing is as good as it gets and handles just fine for a week or two of gaming on the move.

    As far as external GPU performance ... its on par with a desktop. The difference is that the 2core low power CPU can hold back some gaming situations. So far the only time I have personally noticed is in Final Fantasy XIV (this games also a bit quirky with the displays, as I use 3). It will push 60-120 fps (I cap at 60 cause I'm always stressed seeing my cpu at 70-85 degrees for hours). The only exception to this is when I go to an area with a TON of players waiting around (like 40-100) for an event .... the frames will drop to 40-50 range pretty easy maybe even lower. Now if I turn off other players shadows this usually steps back up pretty quick.
  16. ManiacMagic

    ManiacMagic New Member

    I have a 980TI classy custom watercooled 16gig ddr4 mem skylake i7 with a samsung nvme m.2 drive ... along with another 4 core i7 (prev gen) dual 980 hydrocopers 32 gig ddr3 mem ... the first one i pretty much only use at work to watch movies now and the second one I havent even plugged in since moving, this is due to hooking up the stealth and it performing at a good enough level that I simply havent felt like hooking up my pc lol.

    This combined with chrome cast is just too easy to travel with to not have it. I've even considered ditching my work computer for another CORE then just taking the laptop back and forth ... nice thing about that idea is your settings and look/feel would always be the same minus whatever you have on external hard drives if anything.

    Also I dont know if this effects my scores at all (I dont believe so) but I have installed the samsung nvme pro m.2 ... and of course this is the newer version with a 7500 cpu.

    I also absolutely DESPISED win 10 on my previous laptop experiences .... but since getting this I finally was able to give windows 10 a shot and like it.

    I would take this set up any day compared to my 3K beast of a laptop that had a 980 built in ... that thing was so heavy it killed my back after 10-20 hours of travel. Hell if I really wanted to I could toss the core in my checked bags.
  17. Kepela

    Kepela New Member

    They both provided many insights. First post also, and I've been following Razer for a while as I'm shopping around also for a new setup. Honestly, If it wasn't for @BuckRogers I probably would have hesitated to consider the Razer Core, seriously. And that could go for many others who were reading this.

    People have different ways of expressing themselves and people have different ways of receiving information. Shredder was making the Razer Core seem like it had a "problem", he was very persistent with it too, using words like "Bottleneck" and "problem". and BuckRogers was trying to clarify that it isn't a problem using critical science. They were both cordial up until BuckRogers started to take it personally and insulted him regarding "using his parents money" - Which was obviously out of bounds. :slightly_sad:

    But I just wanted to thank @BuckRogers for pointing me towards the Skull Canyon NUC and helping me consider a Razer Core solution. Whether its a Razer Blade or NUC, you really opened my eyes with that. Cheers bro.

    You too @Shredder, Thanks for pointing out the darkside of the Razer Core. :) you both were very helpful.
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