Blade Stealth Support Nightmare

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by figrin1, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. figrin1

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    It all started about two weeks ago... I was installing the latest BIOS update for my Blade Stealth 13, and it worked fine for a little bit, and then my laptop wouldn't turn on at all. It was bricked. After trying to do some troubleshooting, Razer Support asked me to ship it in, and said they'd replace the motherboard for free. Great!

    I was incredibly grateful that Support offered to replace my motherboard under warranty. But what has followed since that initial repair has been absolute mayhem.

    Repair #1 - Razer Replaces My Motherboard, Laptop Comes Back with Multiple Issues

    I shipped the laptop to Razer, and they got it back to me incredibly quickly. I had the laptop back in my hands in 5 days. It was amazing. I was so happy, and I couldn't believe how so many people online were complaining about Razer Support.

    ...until I turned on my laptop.

    As soon as I powered it on the laptop froze, and became completely unresponsive. After hard rebooting and logging back in I realize that the computer will not stop freezing. It freezes every 5 minutes or so.

    So, long story short, after troubleshooting some more with Razer support we realize a few things:

    • The freezing only happens when the laptop is on battery power.
    • the power cable on the battery has a smashed wire from when it was installed
    • my BIOS does not have a Serial # or SKU entered into it (in other words, the tech forgot to flash those onto the BIOS when they replaced the motherboard, which makes it impossible to update the BIOS or EC firmware)
    • There is a giant dent in the corner of the laptop's chassis that wasn't there before I sent it in for repair.
    • There is a missing screw from one of the heatsinks.

    They apologize, take note of all of this (even ask me for photos), and pay for overnight shipping. They promise to fix everything, and I send it off again.

    Repair #2 - Razer Replaces the Back Cover. Doesn't Fix Any of the Issues from Previous Repair

    After a couple of days I get an email from support letting me know the second batch of repairs are done. The technician who worked on the laptop added this note: "replaced c cover unit is running couldn't replicate freezing issue"...

    In other words, they replaced the backplate of the laptop (which wasn't the part that was damaged), and claimed there was no freezing issue.

    Just to be clear: The laptop was freezing every 30 seconds to 5 minutes while I'd been chatting with Razer Support agent, and it probably happened over 30 times. But only on battery power. Now the technician claims they can't replicate the issue?

    I get onto the chat with Support, and I ask them if they tested the laptop on battery power, and they say they can't tell me for sure.

    So, for the first time I decide I need to call a support person on the phone, explain all the details, and make sure that this all gets fixed. The person I talk to is super helpful: Says they're elevating the case to Tier 2, they take note of each issue, but that they have already shipped the package, and it's coming back to me even though none of the issues have been fixed.

    They say that I'll have to email them again when I get the laptop back for a second time, verify the freezing issue again, and then I'll have to send it to them a third time.

    Repair #3 - Razer Ships my Laptop to the Wrong Address

    Now we get to today. I'm waiting for the box to show up at my door so that I can open it again, test the laptop, and then take it right back to the Fedex place and send it in for the third time. It never shows up.

    I call Fedex, and they tell me that the laptop was sent to the wrong address. My house number is 1432, and they sent it to 1423.

    Now, I have to say, I have worked customer service jobs most of my life. I never get upset about this kind of thing because I know that mistakes happen. I have refrained from posting anything about this here on the forums because I haven't wanted to be someone who complains in a public forum. But after seeing that the laptop was sent to the wrong address I am more livid than I have ever been in any other customer experience ever. It seems like no matter how many people, no matter what tier they elevate this issue to, this situation just keeps getting worse, to the point where there's too much for any of the agents to even keep track of.

    Now when I talk to support I have to go through this whole story with each new person. The last agent I talked to on Chat had to put me on hold to look at all the details, and we were automatically disconnected because it took them so long. Then when I called phone support the line just went to an automated voice message.

    I am so lost, this just keeps getting worse, and I have no idea what to do. Please help me.
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  2. R7412

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    Try to link this thread to the Twitter Razer Support account? They respond faster than they do for e-mails.
  3. figrin1

    figrin1 Active Member

    Thanks for this advice. I'm in touch with Razer support.

    After I received the package yesterday it had two more issues: A faulty touchpad and no power LED on the front of the laptop. They've now offered to replace the laptop with a refurbished unit and I'm waiting for them to email me.
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