Bluetooth problems with Samsung gear s3

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Mrjaffaman, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Mrjaffaman

    Mrjaffaman New Member

    So I have connected my Samsung watch to the phone and now whenever I get a phone call it tries to answer in Bluetooth but no audio happens, so I have to manually change to speaker but by that time they have hung up.
    It takes priority over the phones speakers.

    Anyone know of a way to fix?

    (I have turned off phone audio in Samsung gear settings and it works fine, however that means I have lost that function completely)
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  2. YesImTank

    YesImTank New Member

    I have the exact same issue , really annoying. Have you managed to find an answer yet?
  3. Mrjaffaman

    Mrjaffaman New Member

    No unfortunately not, I've turned off phone audio completely until there is some kind of fix as it is quite annoying.
  4. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    ahh man. I hope the watch isn't a bust. Outside of this issue, if I may ask, to you guys like the watch? I was thinking about this as a gift for my gf.

    Sorry I dont have any worthy info for chiming in, but how do you guys like it overall other than the issue at hand?
  5. Mrjaffaman

    Mrjaffaman New Member

    Honestly, best watch I've ever owned and I've had several SmartWatches, the battery life is 3-4 days easily. It works with every phone fine, just the razer phone is having some hiccups cause of the stock android. I'm sure they are working on Bluetooth connectivity though.
  6. YesImTank

    YesImTank New Member

    Yeah great watch , obviously really annoying having this issue at the moment. I would like to hear a response from razer on this post though

    Found a way around this slightly, answer the call on the watch then switch it straight to mobile . Not really ideal but it works
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  7. Mrjaffaman

    Mrjaffaman New Member

    Crazy how I lost a job interview cause they couldn't call me 5 times lol.
    Razer you owe me a job haha
  8. Having exactly the same issues. I also own a Samsung Note 8 and when the frontier S3 is connected no issues. However, the Razer phone there's a major issue which causes a delay so when you try to answer a phone call there's a huge delay. Will it should work where if you answer the phone..... No problems whatsoever you're on the phone call. Instead you have to select something other than Bluetooth (phone, speaker) then there's a 5 second delay. Got to fix it otherwise I'm going back to my Note 8.
  9. YesImTank

    YesImTank New Member

    Yep still not fixed, really spoilt my experience with the razer phone, worked perfectly on my other android phones.
    Please fix razer!!
  10. I can't even connect the watch, it loops to the connect screen
  11. Pach_Reed

    Pach_Reed New Member

    It's a nightmare to connect the Samsung Gear 3 and any Bluetooth headphones to the Razer Phone and use them simultaneously. The headphones mic are not recognized, the call goes to the watch, the watch disconnects randomly.
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  12. Mrjaffaman

    Mrjaffaman New Member

    Try connecting it via Bluetooth setting. Sometimes the Samsung gear app doesn't connect properly. And that happens with Samsung phones aswell so it's not uncommon fault.

    I have just deactivated the watch from taking any calls and it works fine other than that
  13. 2ndcarpenter

    2ndcarpenter New Member

    This happened to me but when dialing. I heard it ringing but couldn't figure out why it sounded like speaker phone. I realized it was my Gear 3S speaker. On the phone call screen I switched it to phone speaker before the call answered. I haven't had any issues since, incoming or outgoing.
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  14. Mrjaffaman

    Mrjaffaman New Member

    hmmmm i'm going to try this theory out and let you know if it works for me or not
  15. 2ndcarpenter

    2ndcarpenter New Member

    I hope it does. Odd thing is that it was also happening with my VOIP phone app as well. Strange thing with the VOIP app I use to call the states, even if I had a bluetooth headset on also the calls still defaulted to the watch, as @Pach_Reed mentioned above.
  16. Mackeriv

    Mackeriv New Member

    Sorry to bring this thread back, but does anyone know if there are any easy ways get the Samsung Gear 2 working on the Razer Phone? I know newer models do work, but I have the old one sitting around and I'd love to be able to use it again.

  17. XastielMuffinz

    XastielMuffinz New Member

    to answer your questions... i think the phone can barely handle bluetooth. not only to watches. but car bluetooth as well. whenever im on the phone with car bluetooth. the other side cant hear me. so im forced to change the phone to speaker mode.

    my guess is razer phone's bluetooth is old/ outdated. or buggy
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