Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by moxide, Dec 6, 2016.

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  1. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    I havent read anything lately but I did read Memoirs of a Geisha, and Battle Royale, they were pretty good.
  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    There was a Battle Royale BOOK?
  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I read, I read a lot actually. lol

    I read fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, horror, paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, true crime... and a lot more. I have 6 very full bookshelves in my loft plus almost 800 books on my Nook.

    When I get in a reading mood, then I can pick a book series that's 5-7 books long and finish it in less than a week. So, yep, I read. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::big_grin_:
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  4. Xereint

    Xereint Member

    Awesome series. Things gets serious after the 4th Vol.
  5. urMOMdotCOM

    urMOMdotCOM Member

    Is non-fiction good? I can never get into non-fiction books because of the fact that it's just facts. Biographies about adventurers or extremely interesting people would probably be awesome, but I've never found one that interested me. Any recommendations?
  6. rode_leeuw

    rode_leeuw Active Member

    That's the thing, being true to reality makes it less intresting. Go with fiction.
  7. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I really enjoyed Chuck Yeager's autobiography when I was in middle school. I wanted to be a fighter pilot, like my dad, but back then it wasn't possible for women. I also do a lot of true crime which is also non-fiction, one of my favorites has always been Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi which explains all about the Charles Manson murders and the cult. There are others that can be really good, just find a subject that you really love and learn about someone who influenced it greatly then find a book or two about them. That's how I choose my non-fiction. Of course, you can skip the people and go right for books regarding your favorite subjects too. I also read a lot of books about historical finds, archaeology and the ancient civilizations that fascinate me.

    If you do choose to read any of the non-fiction it would be neat to hear about it down the road. :)

    I'll have to disagree with you there, things have changed so much through the years there is a lot that non-fiction can tell us about who we are, who we were and who people can be in the future. Not to mention you can live vicariously through some of the greatest people's adventures. And these things actually happened!!
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  8. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

    I haven't read that one yet. But now I will certaintly give it a try
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