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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer.WolfPack, Nov 15, 2018.

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  1. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Retired

    You’ve never heard anything like this. The Razer BlackWidow Lite is our first ultra silent mechanical keyboard—designed for stealth-like productivity, made for full gaming performance:

    BlackWidow Lite.png

    Equipped with Razer Mechanical Orange Switches—our quietest switch yet—the Razer BlackWidow Lite provides tactile feedback with optimized actuation and reset points for responsiveness, along with durable side walls to keep dust and liquids out. Each key features global white LED backlighting, so you won’t ever miss a key even when you’re in a dark room.

    With a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes, this compact keyboard is an incredible feat in the workplace, and ready for a quick game in between breaks. And when you’re ready to work on the go, just detach the keyboard’s cable for easy packing.

    Go Lite now:
  2. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    this would match my Atheris perfectly if it was wireless ;)
  3. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    O-rings already on it, nice!

    Edit: they're included but not installed
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    Nice. Finally seeing a removable cable.
  5. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    That looks clean AF. Make a white version and im sold.
  6. Sacius

    Sacius Well-Known Member

    Should be wireless :slightly_sad:
  7. Law305

    Law305 New Member

    UK Keyboard available?
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  8. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    Razer keeps it simple, but yet stylish.
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  9. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Really nice looking at a half decent price. Also nice that the O-Rings come with it, would make a great quite keyboard for office work or if you just like smaller, quiet keyboards in general
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  10. Zekkee

    Zekkee Well-Known Member

    This is a wrong concept.. Razer hate to tell you but you are doing this wrong. While working and gaming, People have to know that you are doing it. Silent working gives the wrong impression. The keyboard has got to click so that people know that you are clicking!! XD
  11. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    Nice keyboard but I'm still waiting on a new Razer Orbweaver. The Razer Tartarus V2 is great and all but it doesn't have the Razer Mechanical Orange Switches that this new Razer Blackwidow Lite has.

    Also, are the Orange Switches really Razer's quietest switch? I would have thought it would be the Yellow Switches since the Yellow Switches are linear while the Orange Switches are tactile.
  12. Killi8n

    Killi8n Well-Known Member

    This simple style look pretty great.
  13. Liontaros

    Liontaros Well-Known Member

    nice one!
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  14. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Even if i dislike tenkeyless keyboards i agree that this product is great for mobility and discreet nightwork.

    But it lacks chroma.
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  15. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    I presently carry in my laptop bag, an OrbWeaver chroma as my "portable keyboard". If a chroma version of this BW Lite ever releases, that'd be a worthy upgrade (for me)
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  16. traxed

    traxed Well-Known Member

    I need a number pad for work. Add one in and I'm sold. This is clean AF
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  17. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Ok, I bring my Blackwidow Chroma Stealth (v1) to work ALMOST every day, and I love it, and my clients love it ... but this might have to be my new work keyboard. I just wish it wasn't TKL, because I do use that number pad quite a bit.

    Hmmm, maybe it will be my ADDITIONAL work keyboard, for when I have multiple machines (which is a lot).
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  18. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Depending on your job, this could be a good excuse to buy an Orbweaver or Tartarus!

    I've been using my BlackWidow TE Chroma V2 (orange switches) at work, but damn, this looks sleek.
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  19. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    I second this. I use a laptop right now so it makes more sense for me to have an Orbweaver on the side since my laptop doesn't have a numpad. It's great to be able to use mechanical keys on the side while gaming and just using my laptop keys when I'm doing work (or vice-versa for other people).

    I think it's about time Razer refreshes the Orbweaver. It's highly requested and I'm really looking forward to getting a new version.
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  20. FrozenFireVR

    FrozenFireVR Well-Known Member

    That's awesome... But no numpad for work kinda sucks.
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