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Bring back old keyboard lettering

Discussion in 'Systems' started by ItIsFinished, Jul 27, 2020.


Should razer change the keyboard font/lettering?

  1. Yes change the keyboard font to the one in the picture

  2. Change the current keyboard font

  3. Use a not so serious key font

  4. dont change the key font

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. ItIsFinished

    ItIsFinished New Member

    To Razer

    I have a 2015 full hd razer and I love the lettering or the alphabets on the keyboard. It has this not serious look and the new keyboards are all generic like all the other laptops. You go through so much trouble to create a unique laptop only to open it and see a keyboard lettering like every other laptop out there

    Please go back to the old lettering you had in the 2015 model

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