Bring back Razer Lycosa?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Ryu Makkuro, Nov 16, 2014.

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  1. RyuMakkuro

    RyuMakkuro New Member

    I always wanted to get the Lycosa Gaming (not the mirror), and when I finally got the chance, meaning got enough money saved up... all the supplies gone. Couldn't buy it anywhere, still can't.

    I think it would be awesome if Razer could bring back Lycosa to production, since any other keyboard out there somehow... doesn't really fit well with me. The design of it is just way too OP :D

    Anyone feeling the same here, or someone would simply like to replace their used up Lycosa's with a new one?
  2. Chaksquieto

    Chaksquieto New Member

    I agree, I used the Lycosa and it just felt better than a lot of the other Razer keyboards.
    They should remake it, but add mechanical keys.
    It was probably my favourite keyboard in the price range.
  3. RyuMakkuro

    RyuMakkuro New Member

    Since I play racing games, I personally would prefer the non-mechanical quiet keys, but a mechanical version would rock as well for those that prefer/need it ;)

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

  5. RyuMakkuro

    RyuMakkuro New Member

    That's the thing, I prefer Lycosa over DeathStalker, and DeathStalker is much more expensive to that. And there are a lot of people that have the same issue, thus they got Lycosa.
    The lower price range also should have something that is epic to eyes, since Anansi is far from it (too roundy IMO).
  6. StatixPrime

    StatixPrime Member

    My favorite keyboard. I fear the day I have to get rid of it. That would be cool to have a Chroma edition. The key texture and media control are perfect.
  7. The design is awesome. There is simply no doubt about that.

    Lycosa was the 2nd Razer product I bought but after some time something went haywire and the keyboard would freeze. Sometimes it unfroze on its own and sometimes I had to restart my pc. I got BlackWidow Ultimate after that Lycosa but I guess the sound it makes would go well with you...

    Regardless of the problem I got, Lycosa was an awesome keyboard. Later I've found out that the problem I had was solvable but I had already retired my Lycosa and bought my BlackWidow.
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  8. gereanvi

    gereanvi New Member

    im hoping that before they bring back lycosa they should atleast fix the error/bug in which the whole keyboard doesnt work.

    mine sometimes stop working and the only way to fix it is to unplug and plug the usb, but sometimes i need to repeat it many times to start working again. and btw im still using my lycosa mirror for more than 4 years and planning to switch to chroma.
  9. gereanvi

    gereanvi New Member

    how do you solve the issue regarding lycosa's sickness of freezing?
  10. RyuMakkuro

    RyuMakkuro New Member

    I personally don't like the lighting on the mirror version, standard one suits me 1000 times more xD And the whole finish, kind of feels better to be honest.
  11. citypulsePeru753

    citypulsePeru753 New Member

    What was the solution to the problem, I found this old Razer Lycosa at the dump.. in damn good condition, that was about 4 months ago. Razer Synapse 2.0 doesn't load. Tried a fresh install but I couldn't find the files for the "new" update anywhere on Razer's web site. Then I came across an article stating that Razar had announced that select Lycosa models were indeed faulty. I haven't experienced the sticky keys, but I do notice the lights on the keyboard flicker and sometimes will go out.
  12. Sorry for the false hope I've given up there but I kinda didn't follow up with the solution considering I bought BlackWidow before finding out about the solution. (If I'm not mistaken it was about the multimedia touch pad and something to do with it's drivers)

    I did try to salvage my browsing history for the solution but I couldn't come up with anything. Sorry again for the false hope... I wish I could help more.
  13. loli556

    loli556 Active Member

    I bought the blackwidow chroma and i am really happy but if they had released the Lycosa
    as a better version like chroma and some improvements i would defenetively buy the lycosa
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