Bring back Saving of lighting effects on board - enough pathetic excuses

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by PrussianBluebestcamp695, Oct 4, 2020.

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  1. Hi,

    This is to the Razer staffer responsible for not allowing lighting to be saved onboard keyboards/mice to be used elsewhere.

    Firstly, you need to come out of your bubble and go speak to your sales department. People are buying and returns your products in droves because of the fact you cannot save lighting profiles on onboard.

    Instead you ramble on about macros being saved onboard, but in reality you could point the number of people who give a damn about macros on one hand (one of which would be you).

    If you had any common sense, you'd at the very least allow a handful of pre-built lighting profiles to be set as default and static colours, which can then be used on xbox etc when plugged in. No need for fancy lighting profiles, just adding the basic lighting profiles and static.

    You have no clue as to how many people are dissapointed, especially kids who just want the lighting to work on xbox etc, instead the stupid developers like you are more bothered about daft macros.

    Said my piece, get this sorted asap, a simple way of setting a default lighting effect is all that is needed, this is totally achievable. but you greedy developers would rather get people to buy a specific keyboard to work lighting on Xbox.

    Its a simple case of 2 options:

    1) Get the synapse for xbox to work with all keyboards and mice and not just an expensive xbox specific model
    2) you get synapse 2/3 opened up to allow saving of lighting to onboard.

    Synapse 2 allows the basic lighting effects on some chroma keyboards and they work on xbox, so this is possible.

    Stop making excuses, give this to the people who deserve this for buying your products. Without the customers, you are nothing. Corsair do on board lighting, Razer should to.

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