BSOD on my Razerblade

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by retrobitPaleCopper826, Oct 21, 2018.

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  1. I bought a Razerblade with the 4k screen and the gtx1060 videocard November of last year and immediately had issues with it blue screening. Talked through support and they had me do a factory reset. Still had the issues so sent the laptop back and received a new one. This one had the same issues so it went back and I got a third new one. That one worked pretty well for about 4 months then just wouldn't turn on one day. Sent it in and the replaced the motherboard and sent it back. Now I have the same BSOD issues again!

    The online support chat team just sends me through the factory reset/send it in loop again! I am beyond frustrated, and as this is my primary work computer it hurts me every time I have to be without it for the 2 - 3 week cycle of return.


    The event is almost always either a 0x0000012b or 0x0000007e which looks like memory and video. I run multiple monitors, the primary through the HDMI port and secondaries through a DisplayLink hub connected to USB.

    As far as I know I have updated drivers for both Intel and NVidia (at least I've gone through the software and there are no updates available). The crazy thing is the BSOD generally happens when there is little load on the machine, like browsing web pages or typing an email.

    I'm out of ideas and since the support team said they won't replace the laptop with a different (working) model I feel like I'm out of luck as far as a working machine. I tried asking for someone higher up, but was told that wouldn't happen.

    Has anyone else had similar issues or am I the unluckiest Razer owner in the world with 4 broken machines in a row?
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