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  1. Hey everyone,
    I've been gaming on a laptop for 6 years now and its finally time for an upgrade!
    I've been thinking about it for a while and decided to go with a GTX1080 Ti Gaming X Trio + I7 8700k but i can't decide on what to use to cool the cpu...
    Are AIO's a trustworthy solution or should i go with a BIG air cooler?

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  2. The6135

    The6135 New Member

    A solid cooler like the Dark rock 3 pro from Be quiet! (actually decently quiet) would do the job really nicely and it has a good looking paint. So IMO Air coolers are good, and would choose over the a AIO because of the higher price and almost no better cooling, granted you can find AIO that have much better cooling than air coolers, but if you dont overclock, you dont need a super-high-end cooler. Also make sure you dont break the mobo with that card... Wouldn't want to go around breaking z370 mobos...
  3. I'll have to see what i can do about the video card, it comes with a support bracket but it doesnt really do its job...
    I was concerned about the leeks and the durability of the aio... and thats why im considering an air cooler
  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    I would go AIO just because I like the look of them a bit better, but like mentioned above me air cooling does just a good job as long as it is something good. AIO's don't leak all that much since they are all in one and such, but there is the odd case of one leaking. Normally you know if it has leaked before you build if you see some kind of liquid coming from it, and before you install if it never leaked, you could just check it out and make sure there are no cracks anywhere. AIO's also tend to last longer IMO, and they are much easier to clean in most cases, since you normally would need to take apart a air cooler all together, while the AIO's mainly have filters and such that can be simpler to clean.

    Also, watch it with the video cards right now, there are shortages everywhere making the prices of them go sky high, you might just want to wait off a bit until this whole mining thing dies down a bit and cards start to gain back up in stock again.
  5. Thank you for your answer!
    Here in Portugal the normal price of a 1080ti is about 800€ give or take... i saw that prices went up 115€ yesterday but i managed to get mine for 820€
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  6. The6135

    The6135 New Member

    TBH I haven't had any trouble with cleaning air coolers, jump unscrew them, takes no time, and use a bottle of pressurized air, pretty fast and no trouble. Also I'm not sure they last longer seen as they have more parts that can go wrong, pump, heatsink corrosion. Cleaning radiators also doesnt seem very fun to do.
  7. True... its not that hard
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  8. The6135

    The6135 New Member

    It is true that you do have to clean air cooler more often.
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