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    Experience a fantastic chit-chat app for Android – WhatsApp Plus

    This article wants to introduce you to the messaging app that lots of people in the world believe in using, which is WhatsApp Plus. This app not only has features like WhatsApp, such as forwarding messages, replying to instant messages, and deleting, or saving multiple conversations, but also adds new features to the app to be able to satisfy the needs of more users. Are there any new features compared to WhatsApp? Come with us to explore them in this article below.


    Features of WhatsApp Plus for Android

    · After downloading WhatsApp Plus, you can get started with unlimited conservations. You can transfer tons of messages every day to anyone without any cost at all. Whatsapp Plus requires users to use an Internet connection such as Wi-Fi or 3G to send as well as receive messages.

    · Not only can you chat privately with each of your friends, but you can also create contact groups to make group calls with your contacts.

    · Besides messaging as usual, WhatsApp Plus also allows you to send videos, voice notes, and photos to your relatives and friends.

    · Now WhatsApp Plus helps shorten the distance of any place in the world by providing an international calling service at no cost. Users can comfortably chat with their friends no matter where they are, how far apart they are, as well as how long they can converse with each other around the world. The app helps people forget about the worries of expensive international chat.

    · Similar to the Bookmark feature, you can touch any message in the conversation to mark it with a star, which will make it easy to search when needed. If you want to review, you can visit the following link: Chats tab => Menu => Starred Messages.


    · Backup your data to Google Drive: Go to Settings> Chats and Calls> Chat backup to back up your shared messages and media files to restore data in case of lost or stolen phone.

    · Links that you share or receive from friends are now supported in preview mode (including thumbnails and titles). When sharing a link, you can choose to enable or disable this feature.

    · Supporting direct sharing on the device, it allows users to quickly select a conversation when they want to share content from another app (Android 6.0+).

    · Backup your data to Google Drive: Backup your chats and media data to Google Drive, so if you lose your device, convert or upgrade to a new Android phone, you can easily restore it. To enable this, go to Settings => Chats and Calls => Chat Backup.

    · Added new languages: Kazakh, Uzbek, Tagalog, Malayalam, and Marathi.

    · Compatible with Android 6.0 access requirements.

    · Send and receive PDF documents quickly.

    · When attaching file PDF, touch "Browse other docs ...." to choose PDF file from a particular source like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (requires Android 4.4 or later).

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    · Don’t need to remember to insert a username or a pin. WhatsApp deals with your phone’s number, such as SMS as well as entirely combined with the phone’s contact book.

    · With WhatApps Plus, you no longer get in trouble for logging off from computer or device because the app does not require you to sign in and sign out. With push announcement, WhatsApp always activates and stays connected.

    · The user's Book of Adresses is utilised to make the connection automatically with the list of the contact.

    · WhatApps Plus also has attractive features such as location sharing, wallpaper customisation, contact exchange, notification sound of customisation, mode of the landscape, email chat history, MMS for various contacts at same periods, and spread the messages.

    · Customizable notification settings and the silent mode for each conversation.

    · Marked read or unread chats.

    · Users can touch and hold emoji to select different colours. For example, the Vulcal handwriting from the Star Trek movie and the middle finger icon are often accompanied by vulgar meanings; The user can touch-hold to change skin colour.

    · When someone has a business card, you can send messages or save addresses quickly if they have used WhatsApp Plus.

    · Reduce the usage of your calls on WhatsApp Plus by going to Settings => Chats and Calls.

    · Additional features for sharing and forwarding mail. Now, users can send messages to multiple chats simultaneously.


    · Addresses that you frequently contact will be suggested when you forward or share a message.

    · While recording video, users can slide their finger up or down to zoom in or out.

    · Add a flash on the front to help you take pictures in the dark.

    · Quick reply from new message.

    · The quick select button in the chat allows you to send photos or videos from the gallery.

    · Choose a single background colour for the conversation.

    · Quickly archive, delete or multiple mute chats simultaneously. Just touch and hold a conversation then hit other chats to select

    · Text formatting in messages with special characters: bold, italic or horizontal.

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    The latest features of updated WhatsApp Plus version for Android

    · You can place text updates in your profile, which is called autocompletion. Click Settings, then tap the profile name to edit.

    · Find the video right inside WhatsApp Plus. Press the emoji key in the conversation, then click Animation at the bottom of the screen to start.

    · Load the videos immediately with no requirement of preloading. Videos also can be downloaded to user’s device while running. The app only works if the videos come from WhatsApp Plus of the newest version).

    · Users can have free video calls with their family and friends at any places around the world. It requires Android 4.1+.

    · The app enables users to send as well as receive animations.

    · With the app, users can send long voice messages. When creating a message by voice, users only need to swipe to start the record, so they can take a file without having to keep their finger on the screen.

    · The group administrator can now select who has changed the group theme, icon, and description by going to "Group info" as well as touching "Group settings."

    We hope that you will have a good time when experiencing the awesome WhatApps Plus app. Enjoy Whatsapp Plus - an awesome messaging app for tech community right now!
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