BWC(TE) vs BWCX(TE) Typing Experience

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Leremy, Nov 23, 2016.

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  1. I know there's tons of review and threads about the comparison between

    Blackwidow Chroma Tournament Edition
    Blackwidow Chroma X Tournament Edition

    But, I just couldn't find anything about the height and typing experience from the two. From what I understand, BWC(TE) is 30mm in height, while BWCX(TE) is 41mm in height. That's a huge different of height. I really like the style in BWCX but it seems the height is the deal breaker.

    Can anybody tell me about the typing experience and the real measurements between the two? What's the differences in term of feels, wrist, and finger comfort between them.
  2. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Hi. Welcome to Insider Leremy!

    The height of the keyboard itself should never be an issue.

    Why you ask?

    Because you can (and should) adjust your desk/chair height to offset any differences in height.

    Detachable usb cable, LED brightness, cost, ease of maintenance, aesthetic, font, and mechanical switch choice are much more important when deciding between these 2 keyboards.
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  3. I am currently using a chiclet and very low profile Dell wireless keyboard. And I have already adjusted my chair height to the max, so I can't go any higher.

    So, it is really important that BWCX(TE) shouldn't be too high for me. I am a short person, so if there's a 1cm height difference in the keyboard, it could really be an issue to me as I believe my wrist would have to angle a lot higher to accustom to BWCX(TE).
  4. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    You can always use a wrist rest. After a few hours of typing on the BCXTE, I got pretty much use to it.
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  5. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Yeah like Obsidian said, a wrist rest is another option to elevate your hands. A shorter desk is another, or a taller chair lol.

    I'm just trying to make the point that if the keyboard height is really that important to you, you probably shouldn't be looking at a mechanical keyboards because all are going to be bigger, bulkier, and taller than a chiclet keyboard.

    DeathStalker and Ornata are Razer keyboards with slimmer profiles.

    But if you're dead set on mechanical, there are lots of ways to mitigate the 1 CM height difference as we mentioned. Another dead simple solution is a chair cushion.
  6. Metacomet10

    Metacomet10 Member

    You can find wrist rests on Amazon for like $10. As they said, the height shouldn't be a big deal when you're looking at two completely different styles of mechanical keyboard.
  7. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I think I am going for Blackwidow Non-X TE after much research. This will be my first time moving towards mechanical. Although I love my Dell wireles chiclet low profile and friendly look keyboard, but I am a Razer fanboy (hehehe).
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  8. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Now that's what we like to hear! I'm glad you've decided on a keyboard. Now go get that cyber weekend deal!
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