[C#] Chroma Visualizer - Audio Spectrum [v0.32] [DisContinued]

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by keving, Mar 29, 2015.

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  1. DQKev

    DQKev Member

    I'm currently rewriting / organizing the code to optimize it a bit.
    I'm gonna change the way presets are included, so that you can create something in Future yourself, but its currentls'y not on ontop of my todo list
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  2. Ergonyx

    Ergonyx Member

    I can't speak for everyone, but I can say that I am really happy you're actively working on it. Keep up the good work man!
  3. Pox4eveR

    Pox4eveR New Member

    Uninstall ALL Visual C++ Redistributable
    Download this ALL IN ONE http://www.sereby.org/site/aio
    Mark all Visual C++ Redist, then install.

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  4. DQKev

    DQKev Member

    Since i currently got not rly much time for developing on this Project.
    I have released the code to github.
    You can find the github link on my page, enjoy it and maybe contribute to it :)
  5. clankRazer

    clankRazer Member

    Nice, I love this.

    Btw, does this auto update or do I need to keep checking here to update the app?
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  6. sir__the_game

    sir__the_game New Member

    Great job man, finaly it works!
  7. 3DWafflee

    3DWafflee New Member

    i found a bug. i have the razer chroma 7.1 and when i chose at the audio visualizer my headphones, it stops the video and cannot continue!!
  8. Hakisak

    Hakisak New Member

    this program works great! im running windows 7 and having no issues.
    (still annoys me a bit with the 0.5 second delay, but probably cant be fixed)

    could you possibly add the ability to adjust the sensitivity because the lights don't go past the 0 to 1 keys (nor do they go to the F keys)?
  9. benbar14

    benbar14 New Member

    Yeah I have this problem too the sdk doesnt work with our type of headphones you still can use this program with your speakers
  10. Can someone help me? When I open my "ChromaVisualizer.exe" and when I press "Start" it says "ChromaVisualizer has stopped working".
    Thank you already for the help!
  11. sir__the_game

    sir__the_game New Member

    Uninstall ALL Visual C++ Redistributable
    Download this ALL IN ONE http://www.sereby.org/site/aio
    Mark all Visual C++ Redist, then install.

  12. evrdrandosity

    evrdrandosity New Member

    I'm loving this thing right now. It would be great though if we could choose a gradient for the background as well. And maybe for both gradients to have the option of being horizontal rows instead of vetical. Regardless. This is amazing. It would be nice if it could be a layer option in synapse. Since I have to close this when I play games and open synapse for my profiles. But oh well. It's worth it. Great job!
  13. Leonswag

    Leonswag New Member

    alright you probly got that question asked a lot..but i installed sdk file ran it,
    then i have everything required to make it work.
    but when i open chroma visualizer it just crash as soon as i hit start...
    idk what to do
  14. Sultan_H

    Sultan_H New Member

    Why does there have to be a virtual cable ? cant it just detect it strait from the speakers? reason I'm saying that is because most in-game VIOP use your default audio settings witch will not let you able to communicate instead turn into a radio head..

    And I still cant get it to work, I have SDK and framework 4.5 is well yes the think keeps crashing.
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  15. KyosukeRyuichi

    KyosukeRyuichi New Member

    it still crash for me. I did install the SDK package too.
    Actually the visualizer totally works for me. But not until I reinstall my laptop. I was formatting all, and reinstall my windows 8.1 because I think my laptop already infected by virus. When I done and install this visualizer it didn't work. Everytime i press start it's not responding. I did install all the SDK and .NET 4.5 things. any help?
  16. PhuGamer4life

    PhuGamer4life New Member

    Hello, I recently tried your visualizers but it didn't work :slightly_sad: I installed NET Framework 4.5, Razer SDK, and enable SDK Support.reg already but I still have the same error
    "ChromaVisulizer has stopped working"
    I tried to reinstall every C++ and NET Framework, but the same issue still appeared. I'm so frustrated, please help me.I really want to try this chroma visualizer out!
  17. DQKev

    DQKev Member

    Sorry for a long time didn't post anything, It was a fun Project i worked on, just to see what i can and how far.
    I'm currently writing a complete different AudioEngine based on naudio. To get rid of C++.
    Maybe if i can get that too work anytime, i maybe put that into the Chroma Visualizer.

    If you got Stopped Working, its maybe because Visual C++ 2010,2008 or any other Version is missing. bass.dll is written in C / C++.

    The new Audio Engine should get rid of that. Lets see how far i can get this.
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  18. PhuGamer4life

    PhuGamer4life New Member

    I'm glad that you are still working on this fun project :) please let me know when you make another Visualizers with Audio Engine!
  19. sir__the_game

    sir__the_game New Member

    Hey Ergonyx... one question... in your first poste on youube whit the visualizer you had the mega cool "slow rainbow" i trid to create so a rainbow whit the synapse but hopeloss... what do you think? can we create something like this?
  20. MrTrollium

    MrTrollium New Member

    Not really sure if anyone will find this useful, however I've been using the latest SDK with this program and no matter what I tried, it crashed. It took me a few tries to figure out what was causing it - my SDK. I tried a "0.1.8" Chroma SDK and shortly after installing it the program worked flawlessly.
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