[C#] Chroma Visualizer - Audio Spectrum [v0.32] [DisContinued]

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by keving, Mar 29, 2015.

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  1. buzzCamelIVORY091

    buzzCamelIVORY091 New Member

    But from where can you get older versions of the SDK?
    Can you please post a download link?
  2. evrdrandosity

    evrdrandosity New Member

    Same here. It was working fine for me a week ago, aside from the fact that after about every 60 min the application would crash. But yesterday I had to reformat my computer and now it opens, but if I press start it immediately crashes. Regardless what I have installed.
  3. MrTrollium

    MrTrollium New Member

    Have you tried using a Microsoft AIO VC Installer?
    I can't exactly post a link because I cannot confirm whether it's safe or not; google is your friend though. (It worked for me, and I haven't noticed anything from my A/VS, but then again anything can happen.)

    (Please note that I don't want to be held responsible for any issues.)
    Keep in mind the download is from Ergonyx.ca, and I do not own/associate with said domain.
    I thought I'd refrain from posting a link, however here it is.
  4. evrdrandosity

    evrdrandosity New Member

    Yes, I've done that. I've even tried installing C++ redistributable and visual studio since that's what the application was coded with. No results.
  5. MrTrollium

    MrTrollium New Member

    (As far as I know) You need quite literally every VCredist installed, as seen here.
    If need-be you can PM me and I'll try my best to help you personally, rather than on this thread.
  6. evrdrandosity

    evrdrandosity New Member

    Man that's a pain... It would explain it. I had just about every vcredist installed before due to all the games I had installed, being a number of them were older ones like mass effect 2 all the way up to newer such as the witcher 3, and a number of them run off different vc versions. I guess I'll see about downloading them all tomorrow or something. I've only installed the most recent. Thanks for the help! Btw, is that a zune theme on windows 7 in your screenie? (don't gotta answer that here, it's a little off topic)
  7. DQKev

    DQKev Member

    I installed localy version 0.1.8 of the sdk.
    But for future testing. I don't know if the Changed SDK Version was causing the problem of the Bass.dll.
    Please download this example of the new Audio Engine.
    And tell me if you in-window Visualizer is working on the Loopback Device on your PC.

    If you got Message on Chroma Visualizer Stopped Working, please provide your SDK Version for further investigation ;)
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2015
  8. evrdrandosity

    evrdrandosity New Member

    Didn't help me out at all, I am about to try something someone offered as a possible solution earlier though. I'll report back about it in a few. The ChromaVisualizer still crashes when I hit start, and it does not matter what audio device I have selected, what compatibility methods I use, etc. I'm on windows 8.1 with version 0.2.4 of the SDK. Thanks for all the hard work btw! :D

    Edit: The solution that was suggested to me seems to far to have had no effect.

    Edit2: You have to use SDK 0.1.8 It's not compatible with any other version. When I uninstalled 0.2.4 and installed 0.1.8 it works fine. I think it's just a compatibility issue with something that was changed or added in the most recent SDK.

    After the application has ran for any time between 1 - 2 hours I get the following error. 'the exception unknown software exception (0x0434352) occurred in the application at location 0x74bc4598'
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2015
  9. DQKev

    DQKev Member

    The Application is not realy good coded because i just do this for Fun.
    I think i will not add new features to the Program because it takes to much time for me.
    It is shit that you can't serve the dlls of the Razer SDK with the Program, that you have to install a complete Software Developemtn Kit on a client pc to make it work. Thats not realy the way to go with it.
    Hope you guys will still enjoy that prog as i do ;)
  10. PugOfChunk

    PugOfChunk New Member

    It seems that the visualizer is going 5-frames per second for me....is there a fix for this?
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