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    As some people here on insider may or may not know there was a recent 'leak' out of The Phantom Pain has an online feature revolving around the use of FOB's, you can invade these and steal peoples Nukes, resources or even units to have them as your own. This recent 'leak' shows a cut scene, that would probably have went unseen, it can ONLY be triggered by decommissioning each and every Nuclear Warhead in the online portion of the game. We over at are working toward this goal, a team of 300+ strong working to rid the online of every nuke, we need your help to have this cut scene in game.

    ~Ripped from the SR~

    "As of 2015, there still exist over 1600 nuclear warheads in the world" -Metal Gear Solid V

    We here at Philanthropy are working to erase all remaining nuclear warheads (at least virtually). Here we can focus our efforts and attempt to achieve global disarmament of nuclear weapons on PMF bases.

    Join us, help us
Thread Status:
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