Can I pull Razer Mechanical Keyboard by other Key Puller?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Khangf, Feb 5, 2016.

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  1. Khangf

    Khangf Member

    Okay will take a look after work! thank you so much
  2. nwpboon

    nwpboon Member

    2 major things.
    • Key cap Material
      • PBT plastic - Harder, durable, opaque (backlit PBT use 2 different plastics since PBT is opaque)
      • ABS plastic - Softer, yellows over time from exposure to ultraviolet (lightbulbs emit some too), some caps are UV coated to prevent the yellowing, but some chemicals can remove the UV coating
    • Printing method
      • Pad - Ink is painted right on top - you can feel the bump where the ink is.
      • Laser - Most backlit caps use this, the caps have a thin opaque layer over the cap and laser etches away the opaque layer
      • Double shot - plastics are molded together
      • Dye sublimation - the plastic is dyed
    Just by looking at the Razer keycaps you can tell it's ABS plastic that is laser etched. It's most common key cap as it's cheap to produce backlit caps.
  3. Khangf

    Khangf Member

    So for like Blackwidow Chroma, if i changed the keycaps will the keycaps blocks the chroma?
  4. cris24297

    cris24297 Member

    Yes, of course, you can use another key puller
  5. nwpboon

    nwpboon Member

    Depends on the keycap. It has to be backlit cap otherwise the legend won't light up.
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