Can not login in Synapse 3 and the RGB is basically useless -_-

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Ned.erlands, Apr 3, 2019.

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  1. I have the exact same issue it just came in today and I can't log into the freaking razer app. I can log into the website but hey... want to play an FPS? Want to adjust that DPI. Nope. 100% down. I tried the above reinstall, file wipe fix and that didn't do jack s**t for me either.What's the fix? What's going on? Why is this a problem you all seem to have had in April that I'm now getting in mid May?
  2. FishRman

    FishRman New Member

    What a crappy piece of software so as to say ... Cannot log in :/ :/ .. I have checked my credentials and they are OK... but according to Synapse, they are not. "Sth went wrong, please reload..." bla bla bla.....
  3. Shift8

    Shift8 New Member

    My peripherals are useless now, WTH? It makes no sense that we cant load custom profiles if Razer has issues on their side, all profiles are stored locally. It used to work great locally, no reason to have changed specially if Razer cant guarantee uninterrupted 24 X 7 X 365 availability, which they clearly cant as this is a recurring issue. I will have to replace my peripherals with products from a different company if this crap keeps happening.
  4. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Active Member

    GOD bless me that im still using the Synapse 2
    because i did download synapse 3 and it messed all my profile ... also cannot login ...
    so i decided not to use it until idk when ...
  5. Darkzy06

    Darkzy06 New Member

    Is this a bug or something? I need razer synapse because I hate the keyboard without the rainbow wave and I NEED MY MACROS PLEASE...
  6. liquidmojo

    liquidmojo New Member

    same issue here. this is a freshly built pc and windows 10 install. everything has worked fine for weeks, until this morning. I am now unable to login to Razer Central. my credentials are fine, as I am able to login to the website/forum. suggestions welcome. a full uninstall and reinstall would be ridiculous, so I am hoping for a more thoughtful suggestion....
  7. Cynoross

    Cynoross New Member

    Having that problem now. Of course Razer is zero help with the program they developed. If you can't offer people a program that allows people to use it without signing in then don't have such a program. This Synapse garbage has made my Huntsman Elite and Naga Trinity. If this goes on I want my money back for these as they're not fit to sell and I'll just go and buy products from another company.
  8. AltroMax

    AltroMax New Member

    same issue here.... yesterday working, today stop working and razer 3 synapse won't login... but razer 2 synapse yes.. I have to use 2 software for two different razer device... this sucks!
  9. Pagio

    Pagio New Member

    Well.. I think i have a solution.
    At least it worked for me.
    1) Download First
    2) Login with your Razer ID
    3) Open Razer Synapse 3 and it will automatically login...

    I hope i helped you...
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  10. liquidmojo

    liquidmojo New Member

    it magically resolved itself, with no action on my part.... sketchy
  11. FishRman

    FishRman New Member

    This low quality software failed again ... Without being logged in, this hardware is not worth anything. And more and more often software fails to log in :/ server down or whatever other reason... I dont care... Very low - Razer :slightly_sad:
  12. tuty4amxx

    tuty4amxx New Member

    not working for me either. this garbage software developers starting to piss me off, i hope they will at some point in time, go bankrupt.
  13. KNI9HT

    KNI9HT New Member

  14. KNI9HT

    KNI9HT New Member

    that's not working -_-
  15. KNI9HT

    KNI9HT New Member

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