Can we talk about throttling on the RBS 2019?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by dooberry, Aug 16, 2019.

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  1. dooberry

    dooberry New Member

    The throttling on the RBS 2019 is ridiculous. Not only does BD PROCHOT completely gimp performance when on battery, but even when on mains power the package power is restricted to around 15W after 10 mins or so when the GPU is in use.

    This would be semi-understandable if thermals weren't great, but this throttling seems to happen regardless of CPU / package / GPU temps.

    Razer - would you please, please release a BIOS update which sorts this out? I'm considering modding the BIOS as per the instructions here , but I'd much rather not have to do this.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Of course we can talk about it, it’s not only Blade stealth 2019, Blade 15 and other manufacturer are also doing this. Power limitation is most manufactures answer to intel for releasing powerful mobile chips that run hot on its specs and stay on same 14nm chips since 2016, it is bad especially on thin light categories cooling system.
    Bios moding can avoid that but it’s your responsibility if there’s something goes wrong. I tried that imon tweak since it’s made for 8750H my model, even I could by pass it but there was some found that may be bad for your system, imon tweak on core VR setting fools the sensor on lower value and I found cpu power usage on gaming pretty low around 15 watt or lower by hitting highest all cores 8750H which is impossible so maybe some of other sensors would act like that as well which is bad for monitoring your system. On gaming cpu temperature is also higher which I don’t like so I reverted original bios, in my case FPS difference isn’t big. At first OP on that thread was active and quite hyped but it’s only for a month I think, I believe he feel same thing as me. Higher temperature that comes with maybe liquid metal that I personally don’t recommend even there’re some success users, not for every one imo.
    For long run maybe that power limitation is better for the unit compared to without. On similar usage period laptops model, blade 15 and MSI gs65 gtx1070maxq, I saw gs65 users got more Temperature issues with defective gpu, melted fans glue which I think I don’t see that on Blade laptops.
    Yes you may be right if you can control better power limit but there’re also other users who don’t know how to monitor their laptops in this case it’ll be better for them to avoid thermal issues that may invite other parts problems.
  3. dooberry

    dooberry New Member

    Hey, thanks for the great reply. I agree to a point, but it's the sheer scale of the throttling that I'm having problems with.

    For example, there is no conceivable reason why my RBS 2019's CPU power limit should be pulled back to 15W after 10 mins of playing games, especially since my CPU temps never exceed 65 degrees. The limits that Razer imposed seems arbitrary and rudimentary, with little to no temperature-based logic.

    In short, throttling to preserve component longevity is fine; throttling for the sake of throttling not so much...
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  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I feel that, with such lower temperature I wouldn’t be happy having power limit, Blade 14/15 users are getting used to 80ish cpu temperature or some are even higher even with power limit. I believe staff would also looking at for this thread and check further solution. I remember at some time point early this year I had my Blade 15 cpu I performance bumped to no power limitation performance with default bios, but now it’s back. Probably on Blade 15 8750H spiking to 60 or 80 watt tdp from base 45Watt can’t be controlled by most users to avoid thermal throttling that made their system hot, like we can see sometimes users complaining that cassis is too hot to touch.
    I don’t have stealth 2019, but from what I can say maybe that power limitation is not only for thermal reason, letting it run on full tdp plus gpu that I believe also 25 watt(?) If both runs on 25 watt it means ac adapter with 65watt (?) capacity only left 15 watt which is too low imo to run the rest hardware, power drain on ac adapter issue probably can happen. For comparison Blade 15 advanced use 230 watt ac adapter, gpu 90 (80) watt, cpu 45 watt, it has still almost 100 watt left for supplying the rest parts, and we still have power limit, in this case maybe because of thermal.
  5. figrin1

    figrin1 Active Member

    Hey dooberry, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Curious what version of the BIOS and EC firmware you're running?
  6. dooberry

    dooberry New Member

    Hey Figrin,

    I'm running the latest BIOS and EC firmware, as of 11th July 2019.
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  7. Ddoogg

    Ddoogg New Member

    Does anybody know if the CPU throttling still occurs on the latest BIOS if you're using an eGPU or power supply that can supply 100w?

  8. dooberry

    dooberry New Member

    Hi Ddogg,

    I can confirm that the CPU throttling is happening on the latest BIOS (the ones from 11th July) but I don't have an eGPU or >100W power adaptor to test it on I'm afraid.
  9. parac1oXX

    parac1oXX Member

    Oookay. So. I just ran several instances of 3d Mark, aswell as playing MTG Arena in max settings(this requires a lot more cpu/gpu power than people might think) for several hours on my RB13 '19 with newest BIOS, EC, windows power settings optimized for max performance and synapse set to creator mode.

    All attached to my Razer Core X via the original 0,5m Razer TB3 Cable.

    By now I cannot make a qualified statement about throttling, as I will have to do some further testing. But I am happy to tell you that, at least, in fact the battery is NOT discharging, whatever you throw at it.
  10. dooberry

    dooberry New Member

    Hi Parac1oXX,

    Thanks for that, although I'm not surprised as with the external GPU (and its separate power supply) there wouldn't be as much strain on the RBS 2019's internal battery.
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    TB3 provide up to 100 watt power supply it’s impossible your stealth would discharge, beside MX150 would be off while egpu working. On Razer core setting I max all setting, gaming mode (Blade 15) and Max gpu OC and increase its power limit as well to max 110% without worrying about thermal:smile_:
  12. Ddoogg

    Ddoogg New Member

    Awesome, how would you rate the overall performance with the external GPU? Also, what GPU do you have in the core? Thanks for sharing!
  13. parac1oXX

    parac1oXX Member

    1. Yeah, well thats the thing. Obviously one would think that with 100W external PSU there should be not battery discharge, but since both on reddit and in here there was a lot of discussion and questionmarks about this behavior I just wanted to point this out.

    2. Now for the important thing, which is why this is observation is at least not 100% obligatory. So far I do NOT have any gpu installed in my razer core x! I just wanted to do a plain psu comparison between 100W core x and 65W bundled brick. Thats why MX150 is in fact fully running and thus the system is under heavy load when I did both benchmarks and gaming.

    4. I am wondering whether an older AMD gpu like Radeon R9 280X would also work with the Core X? I know it is not -officially- listed as compatible, BUT it still uses the exact same windows 10 adrenalin driver like the recent gpus...?! Has anyone got information on this or even tested it by him/herself?
  14. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I see. I know someone who mode his stealth cpu tdp over 25 watt closing tdp a 8750H cpu using 100watt ac adapter from amazon, because plus gpu tdp 25 Watt and other parts power consumption 65 Watt power won’t be enough, that’s why there’s power limitation. Note he repasted also it to manage thermal on such high power consumption and other software tweaks. Curious though how long can it hold, it’s still fine... in 2 months usage:big_grin_:
    I tried R9 Fury on corev2, it wasn’t also officially supported both with my Blade stealth without dgpu and...forgot which one old Blade 14 or new Blade 15, but anyway with nvidia gpu it was fine. I forgot about driver name, not quite familiar with AMF, r9 Fury is high end old AMD card when I’m not wrong.
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