can you help me do the math ?

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Vinos1994, May 21, 2018.

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  1. Vinos1994

    Vinos1994 New Member

    Hello Razer insiders hope you all doing good and having good day
    so i joined Razer like 5 years ago when i got my first Razer naga molten edition
    and last year i got BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard as a gift from my girlfriend and later on i got Razer mamba tournament edition for the rainbow color combo
    so now lets get to the point ! once i got the combo last year i got razer cortex and starred earning Zsilver and was aiming to get Razer Firefly , wish cost 110 000 z Silver
    and i got 92 025 z Silver so im short about 18k points so what im asking is what are my options right now to complete that 18k. and as for the last 2 mounths i think i had to remove razer cortex cause it was causing blizzard games to crash like overwatch and diablo 3 so i had to get rid of it i don't know if its fixed or not so !!! what can i do to get the last 18k and if its with money how much will it cost ? thank you guys
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  2. 91xoL

    91xoL Active Member

    Hello there,

    Well first of all you can be active on the insider page (comment, create posts, leave some likes, ....).
    You can see which points you can unlock here:

    If you can do these points:

    Visit Feature Threads weekly
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    2. Getting the Low-down

      You visited 3 feature threads this week

    3. All caught up!

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    You will earn 60 ZSilver per week, so if you your ZSilver expire on 31 October you can earn more or less 1.200 ZSilver.

    These are the "basic" ZSilver esay to earn.
    If you comment, post and recive some likes you can earn more.

    But still I don't think you can get 18,000 ZSilver this way.

    The other possible way is playing in, if you live in Asia you can play some tournaments (like dota2, cs:go, LoL, ....).
    If you can't play these tournaments you can still earn some ZSilver with Mogul Arena.
    If you go here:
    there are various games, you can vote for one of the two teams, in case of victory you earn points, the more points you earn the best prizes you can win, the fact is that you have to win consecutively, the better your streak the higher you will be Ranking.
    Sometimes it's quite difficult to get to the top positions, but you can just aim to arrive at the top 50/100 places to earn 2,500 ZSilver (weekly reward).
    So it would take you 8 weeks (considering you can always get between 50/100) to earn just over 18,000 ZSilver.

    The last way I know it's buying ZGold, with ZGold you can buy games and earn ZSilver from ZGolds you bought.
    You can see here how the conversion from Zgold to Zsilver works:

    So for earn 18.000 ZSilver you need to spend 180$ (I don't think it's worth ahahahah)

    In conclusion my suggestion is to try on Mogul Arena, I don't explain really well what is it and how it works so I suggest you to check here:

    I hope I have been helpful, have a nice day.
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