Cant get Razer Thunderbolt Dock to run 2 Displays at once

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by smartTOURMALINE057, Jul 26, 2021.

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    I have a support ticket in as well, but figured I would look to the forums for help as well. Here is the body of my ticket, if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/tips, please let me know.

    I have 3 laptops and 3 razer docks and seeing the same on all 3.

    I can run both displays, but only one at a time. If I plug both in, only one will work. If I then unplug the working display, the other will turn on and work fine, but never both monitors at once.

    Since I have 3 new XPS laptops and 3 docks, I have tried this on 3 different dual display setups. The same is happening on all of them. Here are the setups:
    1. XPS/Razer dock: Dell Ultrawide monitor/55" 4k Samsung TV. Monitor using DisplayPort to USB-C cable, TV using USB-C to HDMI adapter. Both plugged in only one works. Either works just fine if its the only display plugged in. When both are plugged in, unplugging one will cause the non-working one to work.
    2. XPS/Razer dock: Two Dell Ultrasharp 30" displays. Both displays using HDMI to USB-C adapters. Same behavior as scenario above: both displays work if it's the only one plugged in, when both are plugged in only one works and when you unplug one, the non-working one turns on.
    3. Previous generation XPS/Razer dock: USB-C to displayport cables...same behavior and #1 and #2 above.
    According to the documentation, I believe the dock should run two displays at 4k or one at 8k. Given I have tried multiple displays, multiple laptops and multiple cables, I can only assume it's an issue with the docks.
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