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Can't redeem zSilver items from Hungary and no shipping option on Razer store for Hungary

Discussion in 'Audio' started by iOwnz1337, Mar 4, 2018.

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  1. iOwnz1337

    iOwnz1337 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Even though I have negative thoughts about the shipping prices to Hungary because recently it went up from 31€ to 45€. I thought 31€ was too high and it became even higher and that's pretty annoying anyway with the p2p being suspended I've decided to redeem my zSilvers for something and I'm done with this. A few days ago I would've been able to redeem zSilver from Hungary and I could've place an order on Razer Store with shipping to Hungary but when I checked it today I saw that Hungary has been removed from the shipping combo box and I can't redeem items on zVault for Hungary.

    When will shipping/zSilver redemption available for Hungary again?

    Thoughts about shipping prices and p2p:
    I've read some threads about the shipping costs and learned a few things about why the shipping prices are so high for certain countries but still 31€ and 45€ is too high in my oppinion. No matter the way I want to buy something via normal order or p2p voucher activation I wouldn't mind pay for shipping if the price is reasonable. (For example I wouldn't complain if the shipping price would be around 15-20€). The problem with high shipping prices and p2p combined is if you redeem a lower price item. If you collect zSilver for about ~280 days for a chroma x keyboard which is about 170€ + 45€ shipping I'm kinda ok with just the 45€ shipping, but if you need like a firefly or lancehead te you still have to collect zSilver for almost 6 months and the shipping is 45€ for them too. If i buy those items from a local store in Hungary the only thing p2p provides is a few € discount not a free item... and there are some items which are cheaper than it's shipping price like a keyboard rest or mouse bungee... ok you can say "who the hell collects zSilver for a keyboard rest" or something like this but I's sure there are a few ppl in this situation too.

    I'm not a hater or something! I like p2p and Razer products. I've had razer products before p2p. Since p2p I've redeemed a few items with or without shipping prices too. (The first item i've redeemed came with zero taxes and shipping price)
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  2. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    It's not only Hungary, Croatia is removed, too. Probably because high shipping prices.

    Will they enable shipping back for our countries - I don't know. They only gave short notice that they are removing shipping for several countries.
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  3. orgildinio

    orgildinio New Member

    Send to trusted one that living in another country :)
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