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can't reinstall synapse 2 and 3

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by webnebular, Jul 25, 2019.

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  1. webnebular

    webnebular New Member

    I I have an orbweaver, Razer Kraken Pro, Naga and a black widow.
    I recently replaced The Krakens and upon the installation had issues with the surround so as per the usual trash support response of uninstall/ reinstall I can now neither install Version 2 or 3 of synapse.
    Ive always had on and off issues with synapse and always been given the uninstall/reinstall scripted line they have to tell us at support but this is really hitting the point of NEVER AGAIN. Every 2 years I replace my gaming gear and that money will likely not be returning to Razer next time. This is some noob level problems they are creating even for advanced users.Can you people get you &$^*& together. I see so many threads online from mutiple sources with the same issue and rather than replying to them the responses are always we will PM the details. THats &^*&^ stupid how about fix your crap or watch the recommendations go out the window. I dont know how pro gamers use this ^&*$^$ because its completely unreliable.
    EDIT: 1 hour 30mins later - Total Time Wasted 4+ hours.
    Unplugged all devices, uninstalled drivers, removed all services, folders and files, disabled AV and Firewall.
    Got Synapse 3 to install got in doesn't recognise my orbweaver. Not supported by Synapse 3.0.
    Repeated procedure followed requirements as per support.
    Attempted re-install of V2, double clicked nothing happens, double checked process wasnt running and no it isnt services on auto but not running. Try again. Still nothing, not even launching a process. What a joke. Deleted everything, Googled better devices than razer, shopping cart created. Sticky Note on wall NEVER BUY RAZER. Opened Discord to my Gaming I run of 100+ members posted my experience. Many replies all the same issues. Well done razer, again how the %#&% do pro-gamers use this ^(^()&^*&)&^).
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
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