[CEO Giveaway Over] Gear up with Min

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by technokat, Apr 14, 2015.

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  1. Done, CHILE CEO
  2. parkhitTuscany078

    parkhitTuscany078 New Member

    Done. Thanks!
  3. lolu13

    lolu13 New Member

    GL ppls :D
  4. Acidbladze

    Acidbladze New Member

    i would love the whole deal but would be happy with the necklace and windbreaker
  5. chrismasterski

    chrismasterski New Member

    just realized i accidently put 2015 for my birthday XD
  6. redfox.angle

    redfox.angle New Member

  7. Pathogen

    Pathogen New Member

    Awesome, thanks for the chance to win some epic swag.
  8. Saydee_

    Saydee_ New Member

    Omg need these in my life!!
  9. Saydee_

    Saydee_ New Member

    Signed up, fingers crossed
  10. Gabchan

    Gabchan Member

    Done thanks for having the give away ^^ wish a razer blade was one of the prizes though
  11. LouisLo0olz

    LouisLo0olz Member

    5 Razer Blades maybe?

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  12. DivineDragon

    DivineDragon New Member

    Oh how nice it would be to carry around all the Razer gear I own in that backpack as well as rocking the hoodie.
  13. CoolOldAsian

    CoolOldAsian New Member

  14. PieSqrd

    PieSqrd New Member

    Done. Gear is looking awesome :)
  15. keeko

    keeko New Member

    Hope to win this one this time, haven't had any razer in my entire life. lol
  16. Thundadragon88

    Thundadragon88 New Member

    Dude I just wanna meet Min and give that dude a High Five :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  17. zed026

    zed026 New Member

    That jacket looks awesome.
  18. 3084

    3084 New Member

    Did it! :D
  19. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    Man, forget the prizes I'd want Min's gamer tag! Bet he'd be awesome to hang online with!
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