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CES 2016 Sweepstakes (WINNERS!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Burgz, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. APATITEXanadutech438

    APATITEXanadutech438 Active Member

    Same, I'll keep playing and never win too
  2. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    Even if you think you will never win, at least the good part knowing is you stood a chance.

    Just a tiny, tiny chance... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. DerpingPanda

    DerpingPanda Member

    I will never, ever have my name on there :slightly_sad:, literally never/ever. :slightly_sad:
  4. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    That's something every winner would say.

    Keep dreaming...

    You could win the next giveaway! ;)
  5. DerpingPanda

    DerpingPanda Member

    Aww Thankyou Sir :heart:


    Congrats to all the winners!!!! You guys are really lucky!!!!!!
  7. too much luck wow. Congrats to the winners
  8. greengear

    greengear Member

    congrats to the winners
  9. JZheng03

    JZheng03 Member

    Congrats. I really wish my name would be there though
  10. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    Don't we all wish so?! :heart_eyes:
  11. Siioh

    Siioh Active Member

    Max S is quite a lucky boy, congratulations!
  12. Motokill33

    Motokill33 Member

    Wow, that was fast for a sweepstakes.
  13. ItsPixelz

    ItsPixelz Member

    How lucky. With my luck, well there's no chance at all. :joy:
  14. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    Keep thinking like that...

    One day it'll come out to surprise you! ;)
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