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[CES 2017] Project Ariana

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. J_AZH

    J_AZH New Member

    Congrats Razer! Can't wait till Project Ariana gets named after a reptile! (Anyone who knows Razer's naming system will know what I mean)
  2. spiez

    spiez New Member

    Congrats razer! Produce this now!!
  3. Not many people have a monitor next to a completely empty wall for projection. But interesting idea nonetheless.
  4. JZheng03

    JZheng03 Member

    it's the 7th year now right? keep up the good work
  5. ejacool24

    ejacool24 Member

    Congrats to razer :)
  6. Aaliya

    Aaliya Member

    Congratulations on winning for the 7th year in a row!!
  7. KeiaraAya

    KeiaraAya Member

    Congratulations razer! I'd think that this would be a bit distracting when playing games but nevertheless I want to see how it turns out!
  8. Exregs

    Exregs New Member

    it looks quite good tbh, I wouldnt mind having it but I have a small room!
  9. I've seen this before somewhere. Looks awesome, but I don't think it would be very popular. Would require some setup for the projector too.
  10. Virgule7

    Virgule7 New Member

    It looks awesome! Keep up the awesome work Razer :smile_: .
  11. jack8592

    jack8592 New Member

    Hope I will have enough saving for this
  12. Lanidrac

    Lanidrac New Member

    I felt like i had seen something similar before
  13. Yorkifyme

    Yorkifyme Active Member

    Interesting concept. I'd love to see it in person to see how immersive it feels when playing it. While the videos look neat, it's hard to do more than speculate without experiencing it firsthand.

    Thanks again for making another interesting gaming related product. Innovation for the sake of gamers is always a step in the right direction :)
  14. This looks so good!!! Razer are constantly giving us games ground breaking tech!
  15. Cautier

    Cautier New Member

    I hope that the sdk is not overly complex to help the product grow with a lot of third party devs. That's what is hindering the project from being a big success.
  16. leetflowFeldgrau948

    leetflowFeldgrau948 New Member

    Congrats Razer for extending Chromas to whole rooms! :D
  17. iamjamin

    iamjamin New Member

    so trippy. i def want to check this out in person
  18. Ben61694

    Ben61694 New Member

    This is definitely a niche product, but cool nonetheless. Congrats for 7 years in a row :)
  19. eugenews

    eugenews Active Member

    Razer's on a roll. Congratz on winning the CES again!
  20. HeyImNox

    HeyImNox New Member

    looks pretty cool, but i think the market is very small because the product is very "special"

    and well done Razer congratz on winning the 7 th year CES lets go for the next :)
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