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CES 2018 | Project Linda

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Deleted member 368765, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. jerjergege

    jerjergege New Member

    I would buy this, but it would need different phone size configurations so it's not just limited to the razer phone, it would sell better that way as it would last longer with different generations of phones instead of an expensive one off accessory.
  2. deathcurzo

    deathcurzo Active Member

    I love this idea and it’s a great marketing move by razer. Even I’m considering purchasing a razer phone to use this! But the only problem I can think of is compatibility with cases?? How are they going to get round that?
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  3. MongoosePanda

    MongoosePanda Active Member

    That's awesome merging laptop and a smartphone! Also loving the 120hz display too
  4. zxyphre

    zxyphre New Member

    Advancement.. pogchamp
  5. ArsonGX

    ArsonGX Member

    May i get one now for sole purpose of testing ? XD
  6. CyprusOn

    CyprusOn New Member

    Sounds good, but will it be able to compete with PCs/Laptops?
  7. I really hope Project Linda gets released! This is a very cool concept and it seems way more convenient to bring around with you. Especially if you could install Steam on it and play smaller games that don't require heavy specs. Hopefully very reasonably priced considering the laptop runs off your phone and there is no expensive GPU or Processor in the laptop. Very excited to see this come out! Nice work Razor!
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  8. CrimsonAssassin

    CrimsonAssassin Active Member

    such a cool concept!!! I want onee :<<<
  9. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Steam can’t be installed on this.

    People are getting confused by the laptop form factor. This is literally an external monitor, keyboard and battery for your phone - there are no changes to the Android operating system on the Razer Phone.

    It’s nice, but... there’s near zero utility in it.
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  10. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    hmmmm .... no steam .... good point. that does take away a huge chunk of the games I own
  11. Rajtakhar71

    Rajtakhar71 New Member

    If you see how much quality of professional apps have improved in android over past few years, the big screen works with Linda really well

    I spent 20 years on dos, Unix and Windows

    I recently moved to a company which uses just Google and cloud apps, thick client apps are a thing of the past, you can get most of what you need of android / web apps.

    Everyone is moving to web / cloud apps, nothing stays on a laptop, apps get updated centrally, it is really easy to administer and scale, so yep it was a real pain adapting, but nature of office and work, means people are more mobile. This device ticks Comms, work and play buttons!

    Having owned an attic, padfone and hp X3, I can say this without doubt is much better. It is the perfect union, and potentially future proof, keep same form factor for phone, update phone = new core for laptop.
    Apple pulled same method on iPads and some iPhones, so it is a valid design choice.

    Hey I just ordered a razer phone from reading and watching videos, I can see me using more than the laptop and desktops I have, for sheer portability to switch from phone to a laptop I can type my PhD thesis on

    Steam will come round to android at some point like Nvidia, there will be virtual web servers running x86, and streaming games.

    I want it as I can have one combined device.

    I'm going to try razer with sentio outputting to an hp elite X3 lapdock using USB-C to see how it might work.

    I really liked concept.
  12. HellaciousDuck1085

    HellaciousDuck1085 New Member

    Love it! Will marry that laptop if it come with Windows 10!!:smile_:
  13. NaughtyMiroku

    NaughtyMiroku New Member

    I love the Ingenuity of this tech. I cannot wait to see what unfolds before us in the future.
  14. Rajtakhar71

    Rajtakhar71 New Member

    Well Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is SoC for always connected PC's, (full windows 10 on arm new platform).

    Theoretically YES, if bootloader on razer phone unlocked, only a matter of time until a custom ROM ports windows 10 to razer phone, it has same chip and 8gb so it is feasible.


    Wow, looks very cool!!!
    Won't it be even better to have this awesome touch pad without sacrificing my phone?
  16. XBrooksX13X

    XBrooksX13X New Member

    would love to get my hands on this. very disappointing CES didn't see fit to nominate it but congrats on all the other awards
  17. Riyren

    Riyren Active Member

    Another reason to get the blade.
  18. ShadowZD

    ShadowZD New Member

    I would like it to buy it, how much will be cost?
  19. Dyne1319

    Dyne1319 New Member

    Please release this, I will give you my money
  20. Monoman2345

    Monoman2345 New Member

    So will this actually be real or just another tease? Because unlike the other Razer concepts, I actually want this and realistically could afford it.
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