CES 2018 | Razer Chroma Meets Hue

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by Razer.WolfPack, Jan 8, 2018.

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  1. pinbuck

    pinbuck New Member

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  2. Flyingpole

    Flyingpole New Member

    Got my lights connected to Synapse! Now I just need to work out how to get them to sync with my chroma enabled games (i.e. ESO). I don't play overwatch as I found the lack of in game story to be boring (please don't hate, its just a personal opinion).
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  3. ClarkyBoi

    ClarkyBoi New Member

    so is hue light strips better than HDKs now????
  4. TrickingStyle

    TrickingStyle New Member

    This is lit, literally.
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  5. J017Rogue

    J017Rogue Well-Known Member

    Not really since hue strips can't do the wave and the strips razer offers can.

    Just confirmed this. I can use my google home when my PC is off... which is like once every month when microsoft updates lol.
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  6. Moradinsoulforger

    Moradinsoulforger New Member

    Seems like a buncha hue-y to me.
  7. LukeTheBrave

    LukeTheBrave Active Member

    Nice collaboration. I like it
  8. C9b20

    C9b20 New Member

    :heart:! i love it! :heart:!
  9. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    this is freaking cool!!!
  10. BlueIceshard

    BlueIceshard New Member

    I really want to enlighten my bed an table with a chroma enabled strip that can do the rainbow wave and other stuff.

    Here is my struggle:

    The Razer HDK offers only stripes with 50cm length, which is WAY to short. I need 2m stripes.
    Also they need to be connected to USB which I dont really like since my Core V2 evolves into a Cable monster wiht all those Peripherals

    The Phillipps Hue Stripes are available as 2m units, but they are only one color at a time, so no awesome chroma light effects.

    Am I correct? Did I miss something?
  11. So I have the Razer ornata keyboard and Razer mamba TE edition both are not supported by the Razer Synapse 3 ... does that mean Im crap out of luck for this working ?
  12. Arelmunda

    Arelmunda Well-Known Member

    The Ornata Chroma was added to Synapse 3 just days ago, and there was an announcement that the next batch of legacy devices (coming soon) would focus on mouses, I would say the Mamba is a safe bet to be in that list.
  13. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Please do note that Philips Hue module in Synapse 3 is available for everyone, regardless of the user owning a Razer device or not. However, the features work the best if you do have some Synapse 3 enabled Chroma hardware to go with it.
  14. JakCrow

    JakCrow New Member

    Except it doesn't really work yet. While Chroma supported Razer devices appear to be working in games like Warframe, the Hue integration is clearly nowhere near as ready as the PR video makes it look.
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  15. numvEUW

    numvEUW New Member

    Worked perfectly with my Hue setup.
    Finally a reason for me to get some Chroma gear.
    RiP G710+ :frown_:.
  16. Haxor_Gaming

    Haxor_Gaming New Member

    Next thing we need is for motherboard control of Chroma. That will take lighting to a whole new level. We need that Aura, Mystic Light and RGB fusion integration for extreme lighting customizability.
  17. timb1007

    timb1007 New Member

    This is pretty sweet. Easy way to get back lighting for your monitors if you already have hue stuff.
  18. kr4zyy

    kr4zyy Member

    Philips Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue
  19. phpham16

    phpham16 New Member

    Don't you guys prefer to keep the room dark when gaming?
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  20. JakCrow

    JakCrow New Member

    What works? While the couple supported Razer devices i have work in Warframe, the Hue lights only work with the Chroma light control but not with the game integration. Razer just needs to clarify what's going to work right now.
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