[CES 2022] The Blade Family

Discussion in 'Systems' started by dekades, Jan 5, 2022.

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  1. ElfRazer

    ElfRazer Member

    Spec is really good but
    how much better is the Ti cards compared to regular 30 series ? Is that a huge jump for performance?
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  2. nk9937

    nk9937 New Member

    Nice to see bit
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  3. TheDragonSoly2

    TheDragonSoly2 Active Member

    Gforce is always on top
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  4. DuSchmitz

    DuSchmitz New Member

    Boa noite, eu comprei 30 reais de razer gold no picpay, porem o pin q me passaram não esta indo para trocar
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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Wait for comparison review, there’s some high end model (3080ti no i9 alderlake) from other brand benchmarks out. It’s not only raw performance but also newer maxq, dlss, rtx technology comes with it so might be varying depends apps/ game titles plus the CPU performance as well which’s main selling point for Alderlake CPUs imo. For AMD i think its capability for playing on battery since rdna 2 quite promising according the keynote and probably more power efficient.
  6. EthanGaming7640

    EthanGaming7640 New Member

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  7. lipeprestes

    lipeprestes New Member

    one day be able to afford
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  8. YashAggarwal

    YashAggarwal New Member

    Oh my god wow!!
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  9. ElfRazer

    ElfRazer Member

    Really want to see Blade 15 with AMD tbh
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  10. cemsengul

    cemsengul New Member

    While the specs are nice, I am super glad I purchased the last OLED Razer Blade Advanced a few months ago with the i9 and RTX 3080 16 GB. I now have a collectible. I can't believe Razer actually removed the OLED display option on the 15 inch. I like that they increased the battery capacity on the 17 inch Pro but I think they might as well remove the single fan underneath the trackpad and just give people a proper 100 watt hour battery. Who builds a 17 inch laptop without a 100 watt hour battery especially when you have more space inside the chassis?
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  11. cemsengul

    cemsengul New Member

    Maybe they will get the message one day.
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  12. L0nginu5

    L0nginu5 New Member

    So when are we getting a new Blade Stealth Model?
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  13. cemsengul

    cemsengul New Member

    Yeah I never cared for a 14 inch size. I would much rather a 13 inch with all that juice.
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  14. Ajrullah35

    Ajrullah35 New Member

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  15. Awesome This Website Was Very Good
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  16. Lion1305

    Lion1305 Active Member

    Very good computer
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  17. DarkTanbuzzbuzz450

    DarkTanbuzzbuzz450 New Member

    Wow I have no idea which one to buy.
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  18. paniniplayz

    paniniplayz New Member

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  19. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    Looks so darn good!
  20. AC1942D10503822

    AC1942D10503822 New Member

    BUENAS SOY NUEVO ME PASO ALGO TENGO UNA DUDA SOY DE CUBA .. tengo unos razer kraken x con su caja todo nuevo su tarjeta de activación mi hermano me los regalo pero el los activo luego q me los dio borro su cuenta para q yo me creara una resulta q ahora me dice q el código esta en uso no me deja activarlo q puedo hacer gracias.....
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