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CES Sale Backorder - It won't happen, but here's why...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Haltus Kain, Jan 13, 2015.


Do you want the option to backorder?

Poll closed Jan 14, 2015.
  1. Yes please!

  2. No thank you!

  3. Don't care either way.

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  1. ophamtastic

    ophamtastic New Member

    definitely agree about backordering, but i understand both ends of it.

    who knows, it may happen, it might not in the future.
  2. MTHusker

    MTHusker New Member

    @80906 Wow. So in your learned opinion, Razer intentionally flubbed the sale because "PR may be gold for Madonna but not good for a products company?" This is based on what? You were unable to buy a limited stock, special offer, 50%-off piece of gaming gear for yourself or one of your kiddos? Of course! It's obvious that a successful, well-regarded company with approachable, honest leadership...not to mention a devoted fan base...would think "Hey! Let's have a celebration sale to thank all of those loyal customers and fans, but at the last minute pull a '3-card monty', then pretend it was all an accident. That will really boost our image!"

    C'mon man.

    Could it have been handled better? Well, obviously. The code switch was an unfortunate pain-in-the-ass that should have been noticed prior to the sale going live. To say that it was an intentional misdirection, and they were fully aware (and uncaring) of the potential negative backlash that would result from such action...well...I think your aluminum-foil hat might be on a bit too tight.

    Good luck with the remedial sale.
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  3. Yea, now I understand why Razer wouldn't want to do back-orders because they would most likely not gain any profit from it. I understand that there is no way to predict that you will win the Best of CES but after finding out that you will be having a huge sale like this, maybe it could have been possible to increase stock based on the conditions. Based on everything that happened at the end, i still think this was a great opportunity for everyone who was able to get what they wanted.
  4. gokuz

    gokuz New Member

    Razer gotta earn from great companies like apple.

    They do back orders for their newly launch iphones every year without fail.

    I'm sure its not too much to ask as its not a yearly thing unlike apple. And yes like you said there might be bots, but if apple can do it why not razer? Thats why you don't see tim cook self pwned on fb.
  5. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Backorders for a new product launch are a bit different than they are for a 50% off sale. And Razer has done system backorders in the past.
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  6. Strategos

    Strategos New Member

    The fact is Razer is not a huge company like apple, and because their fan-base is so large, im sure that they would struggle with producing enough products to fulfill all of the back-orders and even if they were able to, there would be none left for people waiting to purchase the product on release, meaning that they would probably have to do back-orders for the next batch, leading into a cycle until they stopped back-orders entirely.
  7. TwoOneSierra

    TwoOneSierra New Member

    i totally agree with the point that "resellers/scalpers would profit at the expense of the company and ultimately - at the expense of our customers." so maybe, just maybe instead of 50% off (where yes we the end users love but so do the resellers), change the discount for the appreciation sale to the level of discounts that the resellers are getting, this way there's no real incentive for them to get into the sale with the fans... i mean i would rather have a 50% off but for all the hassle i can make do with a lesser discount...

    afterall, razer products sells by itself with or without a reseller doing alot... and its not like the resellers put in alot of marketing etc...
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2015
  8. Sxfuso

    Sxfuso New Member

    How about doing backorders for the first hour of the sale? If anything runs out (which it will) it will give the really dedicated fans an option to order your peripherals etc.
  9. 80906

    80906 New Member

    Hmmm, well yes, I believe what I said. I don't think it started that way, it ended that way. When Engadget posted it, it spiraled out of control quickly. That is my gut feel. Whether it was influenced by the radio waves in my head, I cannot say so I will use heavy-duty foil next time ;-)

    When doing outside communication/marketing in a company of this size, it is reviewed/checked six-ways to Sunday. I do not believe that Razer, A COMPANY I LIKE AND ADMIRE, would be cavalier about it. I think a hasty decision was made that was erroneous.

    I think it went from being a gift for the loyal forum members (I am not one) to way out of control. Marketing-wise, this should have been thought out but shit happens. We are not perfect so, ok, someone did not fully think through what would happen. Regroup and change the special. Limit it to existing members and all would have been cool. Allowing sign-ups was the killer.

    That's it. I will buy a Razer product again because I like their stuff. I am not against the company and normally pay full price. I just think the handling here could have been better.
  10. Speedster4005

    Speedster4005 New Member

    Well, I just hope that they've got enough stock in the upcoming remedial sale.
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  11. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Ummm... Obviously you've never bought a new launch Razer laptop. They take back orders for those just like Apple.

    No one does back orders for a 50% sale.
  12. LeToDZN

    LeToDZN New Member

    Yes please!
  13. LeonUNI

    LeonUNI Member

    Someone look up appreciation. And figure out why this is a bad idea for the company.
    We appreciate your efforts! We love the discount, and to those of us who can't get in on it, we'll try again next time!
  14. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    Having gotten a response directly from the CEO explaining why backorders will not happen, there seems to be some confusion in whether or not it's still something to consider. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    I've edited the thread title and OP to make this a bit more clear.

    At this point, there's not a whole lot to discuss regarding backorders... if you have any ideas on how to circumvent the obstacles quoted in the OP, definitely share them. Otherwise, continuing to request a backorder option at this point is kind of pointless.

    Good luck on the next phase of the sale, all!
  15. LasersPewPew

    LasersPewPew New Member

    Apple has also never sold their products with any sort of discount more than 10% either. Apple already gets huge line ups for newly launched products at full price. Can you imaging the chaos they would receive if they decided to sell at 50%?

    also, no companies or stores has ever offered back order or rain checks for promotions. Its generally while supplies last. I don't see how Razer's store would be the exception.
  16. The only problem I see with the "notify me" option is...it doesn't notify me at all. I signed up to get notified for epic naga chroma mouse and sadly I had to go to the webpage to see that the product was back in stock. What's the point of this notify option of it doesn't work?
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  17. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    Definitely report that.

    I don't see any website feedback at Razerzone, so your best bet would probably be posting about it here: https://insider.razerzone.com/index...bug-or-error-on-razer-insider-let-us-know.32/

    You may also want to PM @Razer|Technokat (or we'll see if we can summon him via the @ ritual. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
  18. LeonUNI

    LeonUNI Member

    Notify isnt working for me either.
    I got my Siren and my Tactical Bag by being aggressive and checking the page daily.
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  20. wytesong

    wytesong New Member

    If it's the website issue, then that should be fixed!
    However, Back-orders is definitely a no-no! If you done business, you know that backorders can put a lot of strain, especially if it's a sale! Since the store is globally, many countries like China will start mass stocking Razer Products on the get-go and over price the hell out of the products that you and everybody else wants.

    There are a ton of resellers everywhere you go if you do globally, people immigrate to the USA just to buy products cheaper in sales and then over price them at their home country.
    The product is like a treasure in countries that don't normally have these type of products.

    TL;DR Backorders shouldn't be allowed especially during sales, it'll just kill the business. Besides, a brand that isn't super popular gets popular.
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