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CES sale - nothing available

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by steveokupe, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. xhitBondiBlue804

    xhitBondiBlue804 New Member

    I just got my code and logged on to the store. Everything says "notify me". Can I just add it to my cart and pay today so that I can take advantage of the sale?
  2. playnasc

    playnasc Active Member

    The sale only applies to in stock products. Don't worry, there will be another sale at the end of the month
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  3. ReconX360

    ReconX360 Active Member

    If it says notify me, the item is currently sold out. Because of a mixup yesterday, Razer will be doing a remedial sale near the end of the month. They will NOT be handing out new codes so keep the one that you already have and use it (If you haven't used it already).
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  4. Fishman7

    Fishman7 New Member

    Stuffs I wanted was all sold out. :slightly_sad:
  5. MementoMori

    MementoMori New Member

    +1 on the sold out :slightly_sad:
  6. Heero

    Heero New Member

    yeppp everything went in a fairly quick amount of time
  7. mestuptim

    mestuptim New Member

    So are they re-stocking for the next sale?
  8. BVAhAVoK

    BVAhAVoK New Member

    yes they will :)
  9. mestuptim

    mestuptim New Member

    Sweet! if you ordered something yesterday though, can you in the next one?
  10. No_GT31

    No_GT31 Well-Known Member

    me too, i can't order a nage epic chroma..
  11. Spector1

    Spector1 New Member

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else, guess we wait for the next sale at the end of the month........................... Man, I wanted a new KB!
  12. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

    if you don't want to risk the possibility of being late for the next sale you can buy a naga classic now, but hurry!
  13. leetOPALMindaro605

    leetOPALMindaro605 New Member

    all the gear i wanted was sold out and i was skint also lol
  14. depotpulseRhythm848

    depotpulseRhythm848 New Member

    saddddddddddd :*( i was going to buy some stuffs but because of shipping i was choosing carefully for 2nd items. now i cant get...
  15. Nope. Your code is one use only.
  16. ReconX360

    ReconX360 Active Member

    No you cannot. The code you received was a one time use only. If you used it already, you can't use it on the remedial sale. They will not be handing out new codes so if you haven't used your code, wait until later this month.
  17. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    wait for the next sale at the end of the month then
  18. Martyyy

    Martyyy New Member

    Just keep an eye out for the sale at the end of the month for us, hopefully you can grab whatever you want then.
  19. josuv22

    josuv22 Member

    hope they do different time zones sales this time the 3am time for GMT was a pain,
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  20. justinkim0101

    justinkim0101 New Member

    hopefully i can buy razer products again soon
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