Changing The Way You Redeem zSilver

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dekades, Jun 15, 2018.

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  1. itko99

    itko99 Member

    Is this all you do all day. Think of ways to limit ways to earn zsilver. Zsilver was the way i was introduced to Razer peripherrals and quality. Because of Zsilver i got my headset. Then i bought keyboard and now mouse. To limit such an introductive part of this comunity is something that should be seen as stupid as lighting your own testicles on fire.
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  2. sirludo

    sirludo Member

    First of all, thanks for fixing the bug with the 'unclaimed' claimed rewards.

    I'm still having an issue with the 'Weekly featured thread' rewards though.
    Some weeks it does give me all 3, other weeks none and like this week the rewards for visiting 3 and 5 posts, but not the one for 1 post. This doesn't make any sense to me. Check out the dates when i was awarded the achievements in the picture below. upload_2018-6-21_14-6-6.png So if you could fix this bug, it would make my day :).
  3. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Same, forgot about this one but it's been broke forever
  4. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Active Member

    this change benefits the user is no way, on the contrary is punishes users who don't read the forums and are therefor unaware of the change. the ideal way for the zsilver redemption to function would be automatically, it should require no user input at all...

    furthermore, with p2p gone zsilver is essentially useless. you can only get like 40 points a day now which is nothing, especially since it expires in a year. and it's barely even worth it since the cortex software functions in a malware-like manner, spawning multiple processes that re-open when you try to force close them.
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  5. chickenchlorine

    chickenchlorine New Member

    Can someone please clarify what this policy is. I am so confused.

    Is it: ALL your zsilver expires in 30 days? Or just achievement zsilver? What happens to daily login silver via app?

    Also: I have not gotten any reset on "weekly" zsilver achievements - liking and reading featured threads, still show redeemed 6/12 when I first discovered them and cashed them. I can't earn anything more. Is this a bug or intended?

    Edit: very cool i see "auto-claimed" so i guess they at least started to listen to that feedback (from post silver)
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  6. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Lots of people aren't understanding this post so don't feel bad.:smile_:

    Basically nothing is changing.

    This would only affect you if you got a reward and then you never claimed it. So when you get an alert that says "You have been awarded a trophy: ", does anyone really just ignore that and not claim them? I can't imagine why but people must do it. So if you ignore it for 30 days you lose that reward.
  7. Reg3e

    Reg3e Member

    The moment you claim those reward, they're immediately subjected to 1 year expiry date, essentially a count down timer for you to either spend them, or they'll be permanently removed from your account.

    Now, imagine that was your Bank Savings, every bit of money you've earned, or an entertainment budget you've set aside has an expiry date. Instead of being able to save up and buy your favourite toy car, you're forced to either spend them on 5cents candies, or you get nothing at all.

    So please clarify, what do you mean by "Basically nothing is changing" ?
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  8. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    The 1 year expiration date is old news from 8 months ago, so I'm just saying this update isn't much new. I didn't realize that people weren't claiming them but I see your point if you saved them then the 1 year date wouldn't start until you claimed them. Razer's just trying to get all the loopholes closed up.
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  9. NiuZaiChiShi

    NiuZaiChiShi New Member

    Nope, why... razer... why.... push us away ???
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  10. Gibson7

    Gibson7 Well-Known Member

    i guess it's just a matter of time before zsilver will be gone
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  11. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Active Member

    this program has been gutted to the point of irrelevance :slightly_sad:
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  12. i have a razer goliathus overwatch edition but i'm not sure how to claim the insider achievement related to it can someone help me ?
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  13. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    It's important to clarify that this 30-day redemption period applies to newly rewarded zSilver. Once you have been awarded zSilver, you have 30 days to click the CLAIM button, otherwise, it's gone. This does not apply to your existing zSilver you have in total. That has it's own expiration date of one year.
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  14. chickenchlorine

    chickenchlorine New Member

    Thank you very much for clarification.

    It seems only the bug? remains of weekly rewards not resetting. Likes and reads appear to be one time only.
  15. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Active Member

    it's already pretty much dead
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  16. Parth1C

    Parth1C Member

    Hi this is so silly RAZER :frown_: as the Razer Nommo chroma 2.0 Gaming speakers are 300,000 Zsilvers OK !
    We only get 1 Zsilver for every 1 ZGOLD we spend ! So to get that Razer product we Need to spend $30,000 with in 30-days to get it or get a shear fluke in mogel arena .
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
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  17. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    It'd be $30,000.:wink_: You can't expect a company to give away a high price item like that!:smile_: Most rewards programs are around 1% of what you pay you get back so this is about right. We all just got spoiled with the Paid to Play amounts.
  18. Parth1C

    Parth1C Member

    I have fixed $ amount thanks for letting me know. But all other rewards programs I am in I have got iPad,s out of them and other expensive appliances just by saving points over a 3 or 4 year period ! So yes you can save your points for big appliances with rewards programs like Flybuys and Microsoft rewards ! so there is know excesses for being greedy:wink_:
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  19. KylarFI

    KylarFI Member

    Still awaiting some kind of update on P2P. I'd just like to know if it's dead in the water or what's going on. Slowly getting silver here and there from Mogul. Only 5k away from getting my headset now so i'm excited!
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  20. jcx200

    jcx200 Active Member

    It is really hard to get zSilver without it so I would love to see them bring it back in some way soon.
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