Cheap parts designed to break

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Purpureusdailynetwork462, Mar 2, 2020.

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  1. Keep this in mind, I rarely get to play because of my work schedule, I am gentle with my gear, I've had xbox one controllers last for years before showing signs of wear and tear.

    -Back when Overwatch was popular I got the tournament headphones for xbox, the swivel pieces both snapped and gave out within 2 months of use. I opened them to find the braces physically snapped perfectly in the same spot, the same way.
    (Tried to get in contact with support and they denied me even though I was in my rights in warranty time)

    -2019 I got another headset to replace a walmart headset that lasted almost 2 years before breaking, ordered one off the online store and behold it broke in the same spot in the exact same way. (Only had this for 3 months)
    (Tried to get a replacement or refund and my case was denied and closed)

    -out of demented curiosity I ordered another just to take apart and I found there are little grooves that go along those metal braces that connect the head band to the cups.

    So the company sells these rigged products designed to break and keep people coming back to buy more, then someone comes to complain you deny them any sort of replacement or compensation, Disgusting.
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    Hi there! Sorry to hear about your ongoing issue with our headsets. Allow me to raise this to our team. Please send me your headset's serial number together with your email address so I can check your contact history. Let's continue from there.
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