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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer|Captain, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. I just found a problem. My number 4 on the numb pad and it doesnt view any other color then red throu green. it wont do pink or white. Got any questions to help me just ask :eek:
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  2. Kazdoom,your doing an excellent job. Just the fact that we can change stuff is great. I had the Chroma,took it back because you could do nothing with it. Then the configurator came out and I bought it again and now I'm very satisfied with it. Thank you! The main thing I wanted was to have the keys lit up and when you type it had reactive typing in a diff color. Reactive typing before in the dark with no lights on,sucked. Now I can do exactly what I want.. Good Job to the whole team. If you guys can add a little bit more to tweak stuff for more advanced users that would be icing on the cake.. :)

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  3. Yeah, I know that, but the changelog told that the DeathAdder Chroma would now be supported by the Chroma Configurator. So you can use the mouse as a part of the wave effect for example.
  4. I don't know if any chroma mice can do this, but it would be cool if you can make it so that different button presses will trigger different lighting patterns that you can customize (I'm guessing there are only a few led lights, so maybe wave would be the most applicable).

    so like, maybe I could right click and the mouse lights up green, but when i left click, the mouse does a rainbow wave. and when I scroll up or down, i could set it so that it flashes green and purple rapidly.


    i could definitely jump right in and i had my lights going in under a minute. the configurator is also pretty simple to use. for the configurator, if there's a future update, maybe you can add an 'advanced' tab for the people who want to go even further in depth.
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    Could someone make a custom lightning mode that would remind molten ground of fire or something like that?
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    its okay there will be more
  7. Aeroventurevoice643

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    wow that's epic as i cant wait to try some of these out
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  11. Badluckjack.. I like the matrix,but there should be more rows going at once and at a faster rate.. Is that possible? Your doing a good job! :)
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