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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer|Captain, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. Ergonyx

    Ergonyx Member

    Check out this thread. I'm waiting for something better because this one seems like a huge hassle in its current state.
  2. Getting my blackwidow chroma on friday, gonna play with the colors like crazy.
  3. djfalcon

    djfalcon New Member

    hey there, thanks for replying. but i seen that thread before but i have no idea what to do? thats why i asked for a step by step instruction
  4. Ergonyx

    Ergonyx Member

    Ask and ye shall receive! Here's a step-by-step video tutorial to get the visualizer working :blush:

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  5. PhysX-

    PhysX- Member

    omg man thank you so much !!
  6. Enjo0711

    Enjo0711 New Member

    where to download chroma configurator
  7. Enjo0711

    Enjo0711 New Member

  8. talkPucedirect967

    talkPucedirect967 New Member

    Well its so stupid.... It does not work for mac. How fucked is that? After u go saying it will work on mac..... Fuck sake Razer get your shit together.
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  9. Enjo0711

    Enjo0711 New Member

    my mac is 10.10.2 where can i download razer synapse 2.0 the razer synapse
    2.0 is up to 10.10
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  10. ElimGarak

    ElimGarak New Member

    Configuring keys to be part of keypress effects without also triggering the effect when pressed would be really handy for reacting to gameplay controls. e.g. press R to reload and have an animation that uses several keys around it including WASD and/or number row but pressing WASD or a number wouldn't set off the effect. Numbers might be weapon-switch, for instance, and could have their own animations.

    When I lock my machine I get no lights, only a green reactive effect when typing in my password. Lockscreen profile support would be great!
  11. Zalmez

    Zalmez New Member

    I wish that it was more programmable... l program myself(games) but having this future built in it would be awesome. Let say it like this. I'm playing league and I love my chroma keyboard, and I have my flash always on my f key, so if want the keyboard to flash fast in yellow then go back to my "play" layer. I know they are releasing a sdk... still waiting...
  12. Hey GugZi....It Says it it doesnt exsist. :slightly_sad:
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
  13. sdk is already here m8
    go here for an awesome audio reactive effect made with the sdk
  14. GugZi

    GugZi Member

    updated my signature link now.
  15. Hey GugZi...Flash is Badass!! I am going to keep it on here for a long ass time!
    Thanks. :)
  16. yoav1515

    yoav1515 New Member

    dies any one knows how do i use the chroma sdk?
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