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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer|Captain, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. markieg

    markieg Active Member

    I think we need a summary thread listing the chroma profiles for each game. I have made my own data profile but would like help for some more
  2. hi im having a problem using profiles that are in google drive
    can someone plz explain the process to me
  3. my new profile guy's :D
  4. bensnook1

    bensnook1 New Member

    its still not available for mac users =( pls make it available soon i really want to do more with my keyboard
  5. Someone else asked at the beginning of this thread if you could have say a blue static background and then when you type,you can do different reactive colors. Lets say,orange and yellow at the same time. Say it starts out orange,then lingers yellow before going back to blue. I can do this on my K70 RGB,but is there a way to do it on this. I own the Chroma also and use both keyboards.
  7. How do I install them can someone help me? I just got my chroma yesterday and I want to try some of your patterns but I can't figure how to get em...
  8. Good job Razer on releasing it for Mac recently. Too bad it DOESNT WORK AT ALL.
  9. jforret

    jforret Member

    Great job guys, love them all.
  10. newest effects for OSU!
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  11. jforret

    jforret Member

    Anyway to sync it to the sound out of your pc?
  12. Can somebody make this profile for me, It'll be much appreciated

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  13. 106078989

    106078989 New Member

    The video isn't working and I really wanna see it. Can you send me a link?
  14. Archie_McW

    Archie_McW New Member

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  15. fixed it
  16. geoPERIDOTVolt598

    geoPERIDOTVolt598 New Member

    I cant import the file unless it ends in .RazerSynapse
  17. geoPERIDOTVolt598

    geoPERIDOTVolt598 New Member

    I have to import .RazerSynapse
  18. PhantoM__AnubiS

    PhantoM__AnubiS New Member

    Hey guys,

    i have a question, i've seen several profiles around Ytube that have my attention, i download them directly to my google drive but they remain as a XML file, then i unzip the whole compressed map cuz the Chroma config doesn't find anything, even when unzipped it still doesn't find those files, it is because they're XML files?? do i have to give them a specific name?? do i have to change the file format they're currently in??

    hopefully 1 of you can help me out with this.

  19. Vortek3

    Vortek3 Member

    Oh no, my hours once set for studying, reading etc will now be consumed with making my keyboard look better with lights.
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