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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer|Captain, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. pandawi

    pandawi New Member

    hmmm i might email razer and ask them about it
  2. kingmanjo

    kingmanjo New Member

    Would be appreciated!
  3. Skippy2k

    Skippy2k Member

    I just emulated using a gradient wave effect, without seeing it move not sure what speed or which direction it's going?
  4. kingmanjo

    kingmanjo New Member

    I think its 2 gradients which make up one portion with both of the gradients going towards each other in relation to direction.
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  6. kingmanjo

    kingmanjo New Member

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  7. coollabTealDeer778

    coollabTealDeer778 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Does anybody know how to get your keyboard to display a profile when your computer goes into screensaver mode or sleep mode? I have tried tinkering with it from way before and linking program to scrnsaver.scr but can't really get it to work. Recently when my com entered sleep mode, my keyboard magically was in the Spectrum Cycling profile when I didn't set anything at all!

    Any advice would be great!
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  8. Xereint

    Xereint Member

  9. bookmarking this thread! thanks guys!
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  10. mullard85

    mullard85 New Member

    That second one is amazing! One thing I love is how easy it is to mix others creations with different colors/tweaks.
  11. tephiestephie

    tephiestephie New Member

    Haha If only that were the case! I still can't seem to have it force an update so I took out a ticket with Software Support on Razer. Will hopefully have some answers soon. Thanks :)
  12. AmazinglyDaka

    AmazinglyDaka Member

    Keep up the good work loving them so far I'm gonna try my hand at some later this evening!
  13. Bram_

    Bram_ New Member

    wait so is the static and reactive effect gone now? :eek: ( i don't have this keyboard YET, so i can't check it on my own)
  14. AmazinglyDaka

    AmazinglyDaka Member

    All effects are still there.
  15. Bram_

    Bram_ New Member

    oh ok, thank god :D i was originally going to get this because of the easy software, but it seems it got kinda complicated now? oh well, it stays an awesome keyboard! :D
  16. AmazinglyDaka

    AmazinglyDaka Member

    This if anything gives it more functionality and is just as easy to use as the previous version now with this update would be the time to pick one up! =]
  17. Bram_

    Bram_ New Member

    Oh i'm glad it's still easy to use then, and yes, i'm ordering it in like a week or 2, i'm stoked already! :D thanks for helping me! :)
  18. so im taking the matrix one and trying to set it up with random timing for each line of keys and a static backlight but synapse keeps crashing. am i overloading it?
  19. JASPERbestSmoke483

    JASPERbestSmoke483 New Member

  20. JustTooFast

    JustTooFast Member

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