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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer|Captain, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. MXB1337

    MXB1337 New Member

    No, pause is set to 0 on all effects
  2. Bram_

    Bram_ New Member

  3. LilbubbaLive

    LilbubbaLive New Member

  4. NachoPandaa

    NachoPandaa New Member

    I know what I'll be doing after work today ;)
  5. OMG! 'Picked up a refutrb Razer Chroma a couple of weeks ago thru Amazon for $120. Though I didn't regret the purchase, I was fairly disappointed in the limited effects. THIS is a game changer! :)
  6. GugZi

    GugZi Member

    iam lost, its hard for me then i can't see how its all are set to work. it can be a lot of things. sorry
  7. MXB1337

    MXB1337 New Member

    But you know what my problem actually is right?
  8. GugZi

    GugZi Member

    Yea the delay for light to show then you click.
  9. MXB1337

    MXB1337 New Member

    Okay but thank you anyway :)
    Maybe someone else know what i can do
  10. Thanks so much! I have a few more on the way I think :)

    I'm having a lot of fun using black with ripple on top of everything, although I'm noticing some of the effects don't layer well/at all. I am still tinkering with it and I'll throw more up when I have them!
  11. OMG thanks so much haha, that means staying up til way past my bedtime was worth it lmao
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  12. Proxiie

    Proxiie New Member

    arent there another way to download them than google drive?
  13. Here are some more!

    RY Pulse:
    Pulses red + yellow and has a wave of the same color to 'wash' it away.

    CMYK Rainbows
    My current template atm. Cycles through a CMYK spectrum and ripples with the same gradient into black (so it becomes a shadow after the main ripple omg so cool).

    Breathes white + reactive white keys + a washout every few seconds. Reminded me of how something from 8-bit or something would shine brand new in a comic or something animated.

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  14. JASPERbestSmoke483

    JASPERbestSmoke483 New Member

    I've been messing about with things but I haven't been able to do stuff on it that I really wanted to. Does the configurator let you make endless lighting possibilities or is it limited at the moment? Is it basically the same as the Corsair configurator (letting you do anything) or does the configurator have limited possibilities?
  15. Elementt

    Elementt New Member

  16. Havent used the Corsair one so can't comment, but the configurator is pretty robust

    I do think its a bit confusing at first UI-wise. Also the same FX layer can have different settings for every key, so it might be hard(er) to get what you want but so far it feels like most things are possible.

    I would like to see the layers play nicer together so far, such as having reactive and ripple work together, breathing over static (it doesnt let the static pass through) and stuff like that.

    Other than that so far Im absolutely loving it
  17. JASPERbestSmoke483

    JASPERbestSmoke483 New Member

    The one thing I REALLY want is lighting on the keyboard that reacts to music. that would be the best thing EVER
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  18. I'd be great if *transparrent* were an option in addition to all of the colors available. This way you could force deeper layers to shine though.

    Maybe this is already possible in a round-about way. I've only had about 20 minutes to fiddle with the new software.
  19. Here's a few notes from experimenting, for those getting started.

    Off the top of my head:

    Static will work under Wave, Reactive, Ripple, but not breathing

    Spectrum cycling doesn't sync with kraken/deathadder as a layer, only when used outside of configurator (at least it doesnt sync for me)

    Wave seems to be the most useful layer for effects, reactive and ripple seem to only fit one function/behavior, and breathing/static seem to be useful for base color/subtle effects
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