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Chinese memes on OG after TI9

Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by willy131, Aug 28, 2019.

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  1. willy131

    willy131 New Member

    When OG won last year's TI8 against LGD 3-2, most of the chinese fans felt that it was a massive fluke and claimed OG to be the weakest TI-winning team ever. Their "disrespectful and unsportsmanlike" act of tipping enemies, taunting opponents and spamming chatwheels during games also made them a even more unlikeable team among the chinese Dota community. However, things have changed following OG's spectacular win at TI9. Their amazing performance captivated the hearts of china dota2 fans and many subsequently became OG fans on that day. Chinese fans start calling Ana as (Emperor An) or simply (God/Deity).
    1. DOTA 2 is a game where 10 people compete in front of their computers and then OG wins.

    2. I time travelled back to tell you guys that the winner of TI10 will still be OG. However, the 2nd place team protested, claiming that someone from OG isn't human. They say that Valve should organise a tournament where only humans are allowed to participate.

    3. God Dota, best Dota

    4. I used to be an athiest, now I am a devout Christian.

    5. I spent my entire youth watching OG lift the Aegis of the Immortal.

    6. OG actually stands for Oh Geezus.

    7. TI9 will be the last TI in China. As we all know, public preaching of religion and broadcasting of religious activities is banned in China by law.

    8. OG could have won TI without losing a single game. They deliberately lost the first game of every series as an attempt to hide from IceFrog's nerf radar. Not that it matters anyway.

    9. Next patch: Fix a bug where Io isn't automatically banned against OG.

    10. Io will become the 2nd hero to have a persona after Invoker. Io's body will be OG's team logo in 3D.

    11. Roshan now drops Ana's magic wand instead of cheese.

    12. Ana can carry games with 117 heroes, but he has a special liking for Io. This is because to him, Io is the most harmless one.

    13. In 2020, all other teams started copying OG - sandbagging their way through Majors to hide their strats for TI. However, VP overdid it and ended up saving their strats for TI11.

    14. Dota2 is a free-to-play game. Buying compendium doesn't make you stronger, it will only make OG richer.

    15. Sumail tweeted that Topson is the real King. Topson spends 80% of his APM to tip, put up flags and spam chatwheels and he still manages to carry his team consistently.

    16. During a post match interview, the host asked the player, " At the rosh fight Ana charged in 1v5 and almost died. You cancelled your last auto that would have killed him, allowing him to escape with 10hp. What were you thinking at that time? Why didn't you kill him?"
    The player answered, "That would be blasphemy."
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